Season 12 of Call the Midwife: Are there any more seasons planned?

Season 12 of Call the Midwife: Are there any more seasons planned? ...

We know that aCall the Midwife Season 12 will be released on BBC One, with the launch being as usual a Christmas Special.

For the purposes of the rest of this article, we want to look ahead with the following thought in mind: Could there be more seasons beyond that? Season 12 is set in 1968, while season 13 is set in 1969. This sets the stage for the 70s, and this is a period of time writer Heidi Thomas might be interested in exploring a little bit more.

Take a look at Thomas' recent comments on the Radio Times for some further thoughts on that.

I believe it might go back in the 1970s, although the Order of Nonnatus nuns in which they are based remain in the East End until 1976, but I think more important than that single historic fact is the fact of womens lives as well as the lives of the working class as a result of the growing amount of information we have collected about them.

I think we could keep on going, medically, socially, and emotionally. The only exception I would make is that at the moment, these two series were only commissioned for at the start of filming, and series 13, which will be produced next year.

IfCall the Midwife would be on the air till season 20, then it would be tremendous. But we would not go on to say that it would be an easy feat to accomplish. Shows tend to cost more as they get deeper into their careers, but the thing thatCall the Midwife is for it is that it's an institution. Viewers enjoy it week in and week out, and there are certainly many more stories to tell.