We Hope to See Hogwarts Legacy in Social RPG Features

We Hope to See Hogwarts Legacy in Social RPG Features ...

The iconic trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger are well-known in Harry Potter books and movies, and their early experiences as students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are mutually exclusive. Hogwarts Legacy will need to follow suit.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action-RPG in which players are able to follow a Hogwarts attendee in the 1800s, and with it Avalanche Software is able to create its own narrative with hidden secrets for players to discover.

Classes in Hogwarts Legacy Must Immerse Players With Their Peers

Any Harry Potter fan's interest in Hogwarts Legacy lies in its ability to cast magical spells, interact with mystical creatures, and take flight atop a broomstick. However, what truly established a loyal fanbase for Harry Potter, especially when it came to younger audiences, is how relatable its more intimate moments are. Hogwarts witches and wizards are young learners who are eager to get educated and become the adults they are.

The protagonist character in Hogwarts Legacy is a fifth-year student, and that will have an impact on the interactions players have with other characters. Some of the classes players will take will teach them about the castle.

The whole structure of Hogwarts as an educational institution lends itself naturally to Hogwarts Legacy's social RPG elements. If classes are as supreme in Hogwarts Legacy as they appear, relationships should develop organically during each lesson as players master their abilities as a witch or wizard.

Students Companions Need to Make Hogwarts Houses Diverse

Companions to Hogwarts Legacys have been mentioned, with an emphasis on how the characters will interact with the player and even have their own supplemental quests and narratives to follow. However, these companions and their designated Hogwarts houses will hopefully not be restricted to the same redundant stereotypes that were explored in the books and films.

Several Hogwarts Legacy characters have already been identified, which may not have an impact on the game's narrative. However, it is likely to. Players may choose which Hogwarts house they belong to, and while characters do not have to keep the personality traits that define their house, it would be wonderful to see how approachable companions are.

If players choose Ravenclaw themselves, a Hufflepuff may not be as approachable. This is not necessarily a result of the houses themselves, but rather a result of how players should be able to communicate more with someone who shares a room.

If players needed to make time to meet up with certain characters in Hogsmeade for the holiday, it might be beneficial. However, Hogwarts Legacy intends to make its social RPG elements more dynamic in every curricular and extracurricular activity that players may enjoy.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released in the holidays of 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.