Seth MacFarlane on renewal odds, Disney+ in The Orville season 4

Seth MacFarlane on renewal odds, Disney+ in The Orville season 4 ...

At the moment, the Orvilleseason 4 is far from a certainty, but it goes without saying that we want it! We know the same for many of you.

Leider, there are still challenges in the way, including the show budget and the availability of the necessary viewers to ensure that Hulu, 20th Television, and its parent company Disney continue to prosper. It's at least something that everybody wants to see, including executive producer and star Seth MacFarlane.

My hope is that when The Orville becomes available on Disney+, those who haven't yet seen it will give it a shot. That's a potential game changer for us.

When people give the program a chance, it upends their expectations, according to me. While some people think it's a sitcom, when they sit down to watch it, it's something entirely different. The program performs its job, and people tend to be hooked.

Seth has even mentioned that one of his own television history issues with expectations, and thats the unfortunate fact that as viewers we put things and people into boxes. He may be the guy responsible for one of the greatest animated comedy series sinceThe Simpsons, but he is also capable of delivering exceptional programming in other genres, making the renewal process even more difficult for Hulu.

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