The player standing at the Site of Grace in Elden Ring Glitch is a player

The player standing at the Site of Grace in Elden Ring Glitch is a player ...

Elden Ring was praised by the public and a loyal fan base after it was released earlier this year. It is expected to sell over 13.4 million copies and is the most sold game from FromSoftware.

The PC version of Elden Ring was initially criticized with mixed reviews due to performance issues, but many of them have since been resolved, and the current Steam reviews for the game are listed as "Very Positive." However, certain issues and flaws will remain.

Players have shared their own experiences with the game's strange quirks and glitches. One of the funniest bugs is a player appearing at the top of a ladder where he crouches on it over and over again. In a more recent post, Reddit user Educational-Price-40 revealed a peculiar glitch where the player character wouldn't sit down at a Site of Lost Grace yet had the full menu available.

Both involve the player character killing a handful of extremely powerful entities in order to obtain their power. This cosmic force keeps a supposed Golden Age going well beyond its time, in fact. George R.R. Martin once referred to Elden Ring as a Dark Souls sequel.

Sites of Lost Grace have a similar function to Bonfires in the Dark Souls games. Players can also go between them in droves due to lost progress. In some cases, however, the Sites Of Lost Grace in Elden Ring aren't always relaxing, with one located near a Walking Mausoleum.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.