The 10 Most Iconic Video Game Pacifists

The 10 Most Iconic Video Game Pacifists ...

Most video games have combat mechanics built into their designs, and many have stories of conflicts between nations or simply protagonists who have some need to resort to aggression in order to accomplish their objectives.

Sometimes we see video game characters who reject this view and do everything they can to avoid violence, whether it's just fighting back when absolutely necessary or finding alternate strategies to stand up for themselves. These are video game pacifists, the characters who avoid conflict even in the midst of unrest.

10 The Bard (Wandersong)

Wandersong is a game that revolves around a hero who saves the world from destruction. However, the goddess who invokes the prophesied hero relies upon a bard instead. This bard relies entirely on song and dance.

The Bard shows the world that violence isnt always the way to become a hero.

9 Chozo (Metroid Series)

The Chozos' presence is felt throughout the Metroid franchise, with many of their ruin forming pathways that Samus can walk through and explore, and Samus herself being raised by people of the bird-person race. From records and environments, it is clear what kind of individuals they were.

The Chozo prioritized knowledge over war, preferring to study and defend only, treading the line between a druidic race respecting nature and a highly advanced technological race. However, this focus on technology may also have been their hindrance, as they created the Metroids and did not anticipate how big a threat they would become for the galaxy.

8 Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney Series)

Phoenix Wright has always preferred to face his conflicts in the courtroom. His weapons are evidence and testimony, his counterattack is a hearty Objection! and he is driven by the desire to do right by his clients.

In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, his pacifist attitude becomes evident, since he uses evidence, pointing, and shouting to defy adversaries who possess martial arts abilities and superpowers. Even when confronting hostile foes, he prefers to do justice in a legal manner.

7 Professor Layton

Professor Layton is a brave, determined, and courageous individual who loves fencing, so clearly he must be a good sword fighter who loves to protect others. Except he isnt, preferring to tackle problems with his fascination with puzzle solving.

With his apprentice Luke in tow, he's a refined gentleman who teaches archeology at Gressenheller University. In any situation where wits are required, Layton can always be trusted.

6 Dandelion (The Witcher)

Dandelion, the witcher in the original Polish novels and the Netflix series, is a bard who frequently travels around with the protagonist Geralt. Despite his proximity to the titular witcher, he doesn't tend to do much self-defense, preferring poetry and song.

He is not shy about engaging in direct physical confrontation, instead relying on his wits and charm to get him out of tough situations. Nonetheless, he remains a loyal friend to Geralt and his colleagues, and does prove himself useful at times through nonviolent actions, like distractions.

5 Otacon (Metal Gear)

Hal Otacon Emmerich is a well-known character in the Metal Gear franchise, first introduced as the lead scientist behind Metal Gear Rex, and quickly becoming Solid Snake's main confidant and intelligence provider. However, he does so reluctantly due to the necessity of conflicts and violence.

For the man who created a walking battle tank, this might seem strange, but he agreed to help create it due to his passion for mecha anime, not because he wanted to hurt people. He's a bit naive, but his heart is always in the right place.

4 Luigi (Super Mario Series)

Mario's younger brother is considered to be one of the most well-known gaming pacifists. However, his tendency to fight is less due to his ferocious demeanor than his heroic brother.

Luigi is not that he will never engage in a fight unless it is necessary, as he has shown to be able to face his fears and confront ghosts to save his brother on three occasions. He is just more likely to ignore the dangers and stay away from them, except maybe on the kart track, where Luigi is much more likely to resort to violence.

3 Gandhi (Civilization)

Mohandas Gandhi, better known by his title Mahatma Gandhi, was a well-known Indian lawyer who famously employed non-violent resistance in a bid for his country to be independent from the British. He is also a regular character in the Civilization series, often depicted as the leader of India.

Gandhi is known for preferring to use diplomacy rather than violence to accomplish his goals. Unless the country is a warmonger, he is much more likely to declare friendship with other nations. However, he is notoriously less afraid of nuclear weapons.

2 Abe (Oddworld)

Abes Oddysee, who played a floor cleaner at the meat factory RuptureFarms, was the face of the Oddworld series. Abe learned that he and the rest of his race, the Mudokons, were in danger of being transformed into meat products, leading him to escape and become a freedom fighter for the enslaved Mudokons.

Abe does tend to cause substantial damage to a lot of the capitalist Glukkons' institutions, which does cause quite a bit of indirect damage and destruction. However, Abe's goals are not to kill, but to destroy the system. He prefers stealth and cunning to accomplish his objectives.

1 Frisk (Undertale)

While Undertale allows players to choose whether to play aggressively or as a pacifist, it is clear that the pacifist run is more enjoyable and rewarding, suggesting that it is the canon way to play. In fact, the protagonists' name is the only time the player is introduced.

Undertale is a game in which friendship matters more than physical strength. As Frisk, the player discovers new acquaintances in unexpected places, heals a conflict between humans and monsters, and goes on a date with a skeleton, proving that sometimes the more peaceful option is better.