Season 2 of 'Locke and Key' Recap: All Major Events Leading Up to the Series Finale

Season 2 of 'Locke and Key' Recap: All Major Events Leading Up to the Series Finale ...

Locke and Key, a Netflix fantasy series, is almost here, closing the door on Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), the Locke family, and the terrifying new Big Bad, Captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand), who is demon-possessed. Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey (Emilia Jones) faced off against Gabe (Griffin Gluck) (a.k.a. Dodge) and his growing army of demons.

Let's take a quick look back at the major things you need to remember from last season, starting with our favorite demonic duo.

Gabe/Dodge and Eden Have Successfully Created a New Key

Kinsey's grade is already awful enough as is, but knowing that your high school boyfriend is also a demon puts the cherry on the top of a supremely deplorable sundae.

Ellie Whedon (Sherri Saum) had not been revealed as the real Dodge at the end of Season 1, but as a result of a concoction of events, Kinsey is unknowingly dating a demon.

Eden (Hallea Jones) is recruited by Gabe/Dodge on a quest to obtain a new key. They succeed in obtaining the Demon Key, which is now used by Gabe/Dodge to forge a small, but powerful demon army.

Uncle Dunc Got His Memories Back

Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) can't remember magic because the Keepers were forced to remove him as a teenager after he witnessed Rendell (Bill Heck) brutally beat Lucas (Felix Mallard) to death. Duncan's memories were then removed using the Head Key, along with all his magical memories, and they were stored in jars near the cemetery, using the Plant Key.

Duncan is unable to comprehend the existence of magic even with the memories and is constantly plagued with delusions and hallucinations, causing him to attack the Locke children and Erin. Only after Tyler relocates the Memory Key at Matheson Academy and uses it on Duncan, Duncan's memories fade.

Gabe/Dodge and Eden Killed Erin

Erin was trapped inside her own head for 23 years before being killed by Dodge a few episodes later. In a flashback to two years after her friends' deaths, a housekeeper discovers her and panics when she is unable to wake her up. She accidentally removes the Head Key from Erin, trapping her inside her own head.

Tyler and Kinsey look inside Erin's head in the hope of discovering how the Keepers were able to maintain their magic beyond their eighteenth birthdays. She is led out of her own head and into the real world, where she is shocked to discover her current body, fully recovered.

Erin secretly comes up with a solo quest to get rid of Dodge for good when Kinsey discovers that Gabe is actually Dodge. Gabe/Dodge is trapped in the chains until Eden intervenes, freeing up Gabe/Dodge to strangle Erin. Gabe/Dodge then uses the Plant Key to force the vines to devour Erin's body until she is completely swallowed by the vines. Duncan and the Lockes find Erin before she is completely discovered

The Alpha Key Fails to Save Jackie

As her 18th birthday approaches, Tyler struggles to come to terms with the fact that Jackie (Genevieve Kang) is gradually losing her memories of magic. Unfortunately, Jackie suffers an even worse fate than Tyler had ever imagined. Tyler fills the Alpha Key with the intent to remove the demon inside her. She dies in his arms, killing not only the demon inside her.

Dodge is Gone But Not For Long

Kinsey, Tyler, Duncan, and Scot (Petrice Jones) execute their plot to sabotage Gabe/Dodge once and for all. Kinsey distracts Gabe/Dodge using the Angel Key, which Kinsey discovers in the birdhouse with the help of ghost Sam Lesser (Thomas Mitchell Barnet). The army follows Duncan, Tyler, and Scot, who are just moments from snatching the Demon Key.

The Locke family is lucky to have magic on their side once more. Duncan, as the creator of the Demon Key, is surprised to learn that he can defeat the demons thanks to his blood connected to the key. Tyler then jams the Alpha Key into the back of Dodge, killing the demon and leaving Lucas, Rendell's childhood friend who was possessed by Dodge when they were teens.

Is Dodge still alive and well? According to Netflix's season 3 teases, the Lockes certainly haven't seen the end of Dodge.

Bode Introduces Nina to Magic

Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield) went on a difficult emotional journey last season as the only Locke family member to not know about magic. After Josh became obsessed with tracing his ancestor's fate, the pair put their blossoming relationship on hold, revealing that her children and her brother-in-law are keeping things hidden from her. He tells Nina that he will not let her forget next season.

Ellie Reunites with Rufus

After Eden, who has been betrayed by Gabe/Dodge, takes Josh to the caves in hopes of forming her own demon army in Season 2, Ellie exits the portal and returns to the real world. She and Rufus reunite, but she is still trapped in Dodge's body, but the Locke kids use the Identity Key to restore her to her real body.

Captain Frederick Gideon and the Origin of the Keys in "The Big Bad"

Captain Frederick Gideon, Locke and Key's new and greatest villain, is used at the end of Season 2 to release Gideon with the intention of using him to help her open the Black Door. But as she does, he drops her into the well and takes the Anywhere Key.

So, who exactly is this guy?

Captain Gideon was a former British soldier who served in Massachusetts' northwestern province. He was feared by the Locke family for terrorizing the North Shore and murdering suspected rebels, but Gideon manages to escape Benjamin's revenge by accidentally activating the Black Door portal. Gideon then allows himself to be pierced by an incoming bullet and become possessed.

It's clear that Gideon is still a demon who is using his body as the host, and Eden recognizes him and says, "You are who you are in our world. But here's something different."

On August 10, Netflix will release the final season of Locke & Key.