Community Stars Demand Legitimate Conversations About a Movie

Community Stars Demand Legitimate Conversations About a Movie ...

The long-rumored Community film has generated as much smokeand fire as the cult sitcom Dan Harmon, which promised six seasons and a film, and while the six seasons are over, many avid fans want to see a feature film released. Harmon and many of the cast have long sparked film rumors, ensuring the dream never fully vanished without providing false hope.

The long-gestating project has shown some signs of going to Hollywood. It all started with Alison Brie, who teased progress on a possible film in a new interview with The Wrap.

Ill state it as soon as I can. Brie said something. There have been discussions. People are talking, and certain wheels are turning. I said it!

Brie made no promises that a film would ever come to fruition, but she made clear that people are working hard behind the scenes to see if it is possible to reunite the cast one last time.

I'm saying there are legitimate conversations that are going on, she said. I'd love it if they could, and I hope that they do. However, the fact alone that actual genuine conversations are occurring is my opinion the greatest advancement weve ever made on that front.

When it comes to these rumors, Community followers are used to being let down. Anyone might be forgiven for overlooking a single cast member's remarks this week. Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley on Community, teased a film in an interview with Collider.

I know that there have been a lot of discussions, as Alison said the other day, Brown said. This is the issue that we have been discussing for years now, because everybody has just branched off and done so many things at the same time? So, I believe that this is the biggest puzzle to put together.