Every Rumor and Leak About Quaxly About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Every Rumor and Leak About Quaxly About Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ...

The next mainline entry in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, was revealed in a new teaser, letting players know they'll be exploring the Paldea region as students at one of two academies. Players even got a glimpse of a few characters including Penny, Arven, and Clavell.

Players have also discovered that they will be able to explore Paldea by riding the legendary Pokemon - Koraidon and Miraidon. The different variations of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's starter Pokemon have yet to be confirmed, but there have been several leaks that give fans an idea of what to anticipate.

Quaxly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Water-Type Starter

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet follow the tradition of using cute critters as Water-type starters, and the Pokemon does not follow the trend. Quaxly is a duck Pokemon with webbed, blue feet, and a blue tuft of hair that looks like a sailor's hat. Its adaptations may reveal new potential.

During Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's reveal trailer, fans saw Fuecoco the Fire-type starter and Sprigatito the Grass-type starter. Quaxly fans should keep an eye on Sprigatito as it may be one of the first Pokemon that Quaxly encounters frequently.

Fan Theories Surrounding Quaxly

The most prevalent theory is that Fire-type starters are based on prehistoric animals, and Water-type starters are based on weapons, among others. Quaxly's final evolution might include a weapon of some sort, depending on the fan theory.

Quaxly, which is set in Spain, may also be inspired by Spanish culture. According to one theory, Don Quixote is a self-proclaimed knight who loses his mind and hallucinates monsters, as shown in Cervantes' novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha.

The idea that the Water-type starter's final evolution will be a Water/Fighting-type, according to Quaxly and Don Quixote. This would be a fresh approach, as there has never been a Water/Fighting-type starter before - usually this is left to the Fire-type starter.

Leaks and Rumors Surrounding Quaxly

PKMNleaks, a Twitter account that leaked photos of six Gym Leaders and some new Pokemon, believed to be a Quaxly evolution, although the image is blurry. Khu, another leaker with a good track record, has vouched for these photos and posted about Quaxly's different evolutions.

CentroLeaks, a company that provided accurate information regarding Pokemon Sword and Shield and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, has provided a lot of credibility to their leaks, which include sketch sketches of the three starters' final evolutions, and it appears that Quaxly retains a bipedal appearance, similar to PKMNleaks' image.

The information should be taken with a grain of salt, as it has yet to be confirmed by The Pokemon Company or Game Freak. Thankfully, gamers will not have to wait much longer to receive the game's release, as the game's latest battle mechanic is now available. Terastallization

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to be released for Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.