Green Hell: The Top Armor, Ranked

Green Hell: The Top Armor, Ranked ...

Before the addition of killer animals and a variety of dangerous natives, Green Hell was already one of the toughest survival games around. Starvation and infection are bad ways to go, but the player will not live long enough to worry about them if they get eaten by a jaguar.

Green Hellallows players to make a variety of armor types, ensuring that they remain alive in the face of the game's many threats. It was inevitable that some armors would prove to be superior to others.

6 Leaf

Leaf Armor is a game that can be constructed using only two ropes and 1 banana leaf, making it the easiest armor in the game to acquire. Even weak armor can make a big difference in surviving battles against the natives, so the player should make getting armor a priority as soon as their basic needs are met.

Leaf Armor isn't the only thing that it's got going for it. It's basic protection against scratches and rashes, but it's not enough to protect from serious injuries, so players who are prepared to risk encountering animals or natives should upgrade as soon as possible.

5 Stick

Stick Armor is composed of three sticks, two ropes, and one banana leaf, making it the second-easiest armor to acquire in Green Hell. In fact, players will typically prefer to get Stick Armor as soon as possible because the latter is more effective at protecting the player.

Stick Armor has a major drawback: its inability to last longer than Leaf Armor, but it's nonetheless weaker than any other armor in the game and will quickly break if it's taken too much beating. Players may compensate for this weakness in part by strafing and blocking in fights, while retaining the stability of Stick Armor.

4 Bamboo

Bamboo Armor, which is constructed of three bamboo sticks, two ropes, and one banana leaf, is a decidedly mid-tier armor, but it does have a few distinct advantages over Stick Armor. Bamboo Armor provides better protection, which is evidently the most essential thing that any armor can provide for its wearer.

Bamboo is also lighter than sticks, and as the player's carrying capacity is limited, every bit helps in a brutal survival game like this one.Though an improvement over Leaf and Stick Armor, Bamboo Armor still has its limitations, and the player should proceed cautiously towards natives, jaguars, and other dangers, rather than becoming a creature in the jungle.

3 Bone

Bone Armor is a strong armor that can be made from three bones, two ropes, and a banana leaf. If the player does not have better options, however, this armor provides solid defense against abrasions, scratches, rashes, and lacerations.

The player may harvest bones by killing animals such as the tapir and capybara, as well as killing natives and looting their remains. Bone armor isn't as difficult to obtain if the player is cautious.

2 Armadillo

The second-best armor in Green Hell is also the heaviest. Armadillo Armor is heavy, but the trade-offs make it more than worthwhile. Unlike some lower-quality armor options, Armadillo Armor also has great durability.

The act of killing an armadillo is a task, and since the player wants to wear the same protective shell to protect themselves, this may take some time. However, learning how to obtain armadillo shells and what they're for is a skill in itself.

1 Metal

Metal Armor, a three-metal armor cast, two ropes, and one banana leaf, is Green Hell's best survival armor, and it's well worth it. The depth of these interactions is what makes it one of the best survival games.

Metal Armor is an extremely durable game that is also surprisingly light, and it is the undisputed winner for those who want to be able to dodge some hit without suffering any serious injury the next time they're hunted by a jungle predator.

Green Hell is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.