10 Best Easter Eggs from Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul

10 Best Easter Eggs from Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul ...

Better Call Saul's last few hours have finally reached the point of completley colliding with its sequel/predecessor, Breaking Bad. For the Better Call Saul's crew, it was no easy task to conjure up what is considered one of the greatest shows of all time. Yet, the merging of the two shows is seamless and meticulous.

Breaking Bad has been written into its language since the very first season of Better Call Saul. Nonetheless, the program has been able to forge its own path while also perfectly establishing the tragic and chaotic story of Walter White that will follow. These ten Easter eggs throughout the six seasons of Better Call Saul are the finest references to what preceded.

10 Our Story Starts In Nebraska...

The very first scene of Better Call Saul dives headfirst into solving a major mystery at the end of Breaking Bad. With the help of Robert Forster's Ed Galbraith, viewers learned a new identity. As Saul tells Walter White, he'd be lucky to own a Cinnabon in Omaha within time.

When Better Call Saul starts, Saul's premonition has come true. Heisenberg's former lawyer is actually the manager of a shopping mall Cinnabon, a flashback that's revisited at the start of every season, except for season 6. It became somewhat of a tradition for the program, that recent episodes paid out in dividends.

9 Jimmy Believes In His Own Advice

One crime committed by Saul Goodman during Breaking Bad is giving snarky advice to his clients. In one scene, Saul convinces Walt of a scheme by comparing the situation to a time when he convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner in order to sleep with her. At the time, this anecdote was a joke about Odenkirk's relationship to Costner.

Jimmy wakes up to a woman in his face, berating him for lying about being Kevin Costner in the first season of Better Call Saul.

8 Tuco Goes Away

Mike Ehrmantraut, who is a well-known antagonist in the Breaking Bad timeline, is hired to murder Tuco to deter the discovery of Nacho's side business in Season 2.

Mike takes an alternative route, attempting to coax Tuco into a fight as police arrive and arrest him. Later, Tuco's grandfather, Hector Salamanca (pre-stroke) threatens to revise his testimony and reduce Tuco's prison time. This matches up with Tuco's coming back in season 1 of Breaking Bad, who recently got out of prison.

7 Saul's Laser Tag Connection

Before the premiere of Season 6, Episode 11, the show never confirmed a One Better Call Saul fan theory, but Mark Proksch played Daniel Wormald, an amateur criminal who hires Mike as his bodyguard during meetings with Nacho. The character's mediocre crime made him memorable in the early seasons of the show.

Daniel would forever be the same "Danny" who runs the laser tag venue that Saul and Skyler try to use as a money laundering plot, according to fans following 6x11. When Gene asks Francesca about Danny's status after Breaking Bad, Daniel is confirmed.

6 Kim's Attorney-Client Privilege Trick

Season 3 featured a climax of Jimmy's dispute with his brother, Chuck McGill. Kim, Jimmy's legal and romantic partner, discovers that Chuck taped Jimmy's confession to altering Chuck's legal records. She advises Jimmy to keep a dollar in her pocket before telling Jimmy.

Jimmy remembers this trick years later when dealing with Walt and Jesse. After the petty meth manufacturers kidnap Saul in the desert, Saul convinces them to become his clients, requiring them to put money in his pocket as well.

5 Dedicado A Max

Gus Fring's return to Better Call Saul in its third season reappears for the character, who was cast at the end of Breaking Bad's fourth season. There are plenty of opportunities to research Gus's past, especially his friendship with Hector, his former Los Pollos Hermanos partner.

Gus and Max were linked as romantic partners in Season 5, according to fan speculation. In a subsequent scene in Season 6, Gus flirts with a sommelier, reinforcing his desire to retaliate for the death of his previous lover.

4 Lalo Will Return

Lalo Salamanca grew into one of the best villains in the Breaking Bad cinematic universe despite Tony Dalton's brief stint on the show. His introduction presents a threat to Gus Fring's criminal activities, which escalate when he partners with Jimmy and Kim as his legal team. In season 6, he outright murders Howard Hamlin in front of the two.

After sending Kim to kill Gus, he ties Jimmy up, arguing that Nacho's assassination attempt was Nacho's. Jimmy is later shot and killed by Gus, but this fear lingers in Jimmy when Walt and Jesse kidnap him later in Breaking Bad.

3 A Secret Underneath Gus's Superlab

The mid-season finale of Season 6 of Better Call Saul features a dramatic cliffhanger in which Lalo kills Howard Hamlin and forces Jimmy and Kim to follow his instructions. Unfortunately, his plan goes awry when Gus kills him, later requiring Mike and his cleanup crew to erase any evidence of this night gone wrong.

Lalo and Howard's bodies are dumped in the dirt beneath Gus's superlab, where Walt, Jesse, and Gale later work as meth cooks, in an ironic twist of fate. It's certainly a red flag for viewers to see them view Breaking Bad from the outside, especially considering that two key Better Call Saul characters are still alive.

2 Francesca Updates Gene

Saul instructs Francesca to answer a phone at a specific date and time in Season 6, Episode 11, and it's paid off when Gene calls her to obtain the latest about Albuquerque following the deaths of Walter White. Many loose ends from Breaking Bad can be traced to Francesca.

Gene gets updates on all of his former Breaking Bad associates: Huell returned to Louisiana, Kuby (played by Bill Burr) went missing, and all of his former assets were discovered by the FBI.

1 Saul Tracks Down Walt

Season 6, Episode 11 features more connections to Breaking Bad than its title or a simple phone conversation with Francesca. The black-and-white timeline following Gene also recreates behind-the-scenes scenes during the second season episode of Breaking Bad, appropriately named "Better Call Saul."

Saul recognizes the value of his family's business and believes he can assist them. Mike, who serves as his private investigator, advises him against doing so. As viewers see him drive to Walter's high school, preparing for the confrontation with the chemistry teacher seen at the end of his first episode of Breaking Bad.

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