Why Vantage Runs the Way She Does in Apex Legends

Why Vantage Runs the Way She Does in Apex Legends ...

Season 14, dubbed Hunted, of Apex Legends is just around the corner. It'll be interesting to see how the meta shakes up with Vantage's entry. She's an exceptional character, as she can acquire much information quicker, locate suitable positions, and target enemies with her unique sniper rifle.

Since the last Apex Legends trailer, one aspect of her gameplay has drawn a lot of criticism. Her running animation sees her draw her legs up high and hold her weapon up high, sometimes almost like something comical, a high-step run that isn't a serious first-person shooter.

Vantage is a young game, but someone who has extensive experience with Apex Legends.

Wattson's identity and characterization are the keys to Apex Legends' success, as some have compared Vantage's running to. Every character seems to have a unique running animation, which helps to highlight their individual lore and style. This includes Vantage as well.

Vantage is wearing survivalist armor, relegated to older armor sets and what nature offers. Her home is the snowy, abandoned planet in Apex Legends. She lifts her legs high when running because she is used to running in snow; she holds her weapon high for the same reason. It's awesome. From one angle, it's a form of survival.

This raises the issue of why she continues to run this way in the Apex Games. She is a survivalist, but she has only ever encountered one terrain. This makes it difficult to adapt, especially when she isn't an all-around survivalist. This is a fact that should be acknowledged, not dismissed.

Apex Legends is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.