Footage for the Diablo 4 Test isleaking online

Footage for the Diablo 4 Test isleaking online ...

Blizzard had announced that a "Friends and Family Alpha" for Diablo 4 would be developed, but it would only be permitted to trusted friends and family members to play the current build of Diablo 4, although these are rare, as only "trusted" individuals are allowed to play. However, some players are seemingly eager to divulge Diablo 4 information to the general public.

The most prominent hint includes several screenshots taken from the Diablo 4 alpha's opening menus. The user interface is clearly using temporary assets, but there are still some intriguing revelations. One gameplay option allows players to create a character appropriating in the current season's competitive progression race. Seasons typically have unique equipment and exclusive rewards, but they only remain in the regular game after the season's completion.

The menus for the Diablo 4 alpha's include less clear details regarding whether or not they're finalized features. For example, there's a look at Diablo 4's character creation system, but it might only be a fraction of what's available.

The Diablo 4 alpha's menus include an optional tutorial and a difficulty menu. The tutorial offers two choices, "More Guidance" and "Less Guidance." Both options are recommended for new Diablo players.

After developing their character, the two difficulty choices are available to the player. "Adventurer - World Tier 1" and "Veteran - World Tier 2" The first is recommended for new players and those who want a light challenge. Loot rewards are "average." The latter offers improved XP and gold. Diablo 3 added Inferno and later 13 tiers of Torment.

This is obviously not the most efficient way to learn more about new Diablo 4 features. Diablo owners will have to wait for Blizzard's quarterly Diablo 4 reports to receive any information. However, leaks may be more frequent for those who are interested in learning more.

Diablo 4 will be available in 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One, and will be released as part of the Xbox Series X/S.