The Biggest 'Hacks' Reveals About Season 3 (So Far)

The Biggest 'Hacks' Reveals About Season 3 (So Far) ...

Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), a legendary comedian who has a stint at a hotel in Las Vegas, and Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder), a 25-year-old down-on-her-luck comedy writer, form an unlikely bond while working together on new material (and, in Season 2, an entirely new program).

Hacks received 32 Emmy Award nominations and three wins in June 2022, one month after the premiere of Season 2. Season 3 was officially renewed.

What Happened at the End of Season 2?

Ava and Deborah both find success in their comedy special, which began with her guilt about the shocking email that was sent to producers after the events in Season 1. Despite being under the influence of many drugs and alcohol, she was sent to producers wanting to produce a show about nasty bosses like Deborah. In the midst of a potential lawsuit and bombing jokes in small comedy clubs and lesbian cruises, the team went to great lengths to secure the Las Vegas hotel.

Deborah buys a job as a comedian and sells her comedy programming on QVC. In the very last moments of Season 2, Deborah has a realization and dismisses Ava, promising her to focus on her career and the next mountain to climb.

Possible Plotline

Since Season 3 of Hacks was just renewed this summer, there is little information on how to proceed. However, fans should expect that Jimmy (Paul W. Downs) and Kaylas (Megan Stalter) will have some sort of side plot. Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins) is sure to have a romantic story in some fashion.

All of this is speculation based on the seasons 1 and 2. There is a possibility that the plot will be completely different, or the series may even be temporarily halted due to the growing tension and possible changes with Warner Bros. and Discovery, who have joined and own HBOMax.

Characters (New and Old)

Every character that has appeared in a main, supporting, or recurring role should most likely be returning without a doubt. Downs, who plays Deborah and Ava's tense and loving agent, will definitely be returning.

No new characters have been announced, and no public casting information has been released in the past two months that would suggest that action was underway for new ones. Hacks already has such a strong ensemble cast, there may not be many more to add just yet.

Creators Speak Out

Downs said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly following the release of Season 2 of Hacks. I think when you feel really satisfied at the end, it can often feel like something final. But Lucia [Aniello, the creator of the series] said this, so I'll steal her quote.

"It's like this is the second chapter in a long story that we want to tell." We talked about where the series would finish, which is not what you saw in episode 8 of Season Two. "I think we just wanted it to feel like there was a conclusion to this season, but also make it a cliffhanger in itself, because it's like: What does the future hold for these two women?"

Premiere Date

The premiere date for Hacks season 3 has not yet been announced. Considering that the show was just renewed in June, the writers, producers, directors, and creatives are still likely to be working on the pre-production phases of development. This means that scripts, story-boarding, and production will go smoothly so there will be no hiccups. However, in the same statement to EW, creator Lucia Aniello stated that the team was still thinking creatively.

So, they may have a head start! Regardless, a fair estimate of when Hacks season 3 will be released is mid-2023, perhaps sometime in the late spring or early summer. However, that could change due to rumors that Warner Bros. and Discovery may slash HBOMax in 2023.