Sandbox Games on PC: The Best

Sandbox Games on PC: The Best ...

A game in which your imagination is the only limitation on what you can do and where you can go offers an endless amount of freedom. However, a true sandbox offers endless choice without limitation. You may play, create, or destroy in as many ways as you wish, and the only conclusion you choose for yourself. The games on this list are presented alphabetically.

Garrys Mod

Garrys Mod, one of the original creators of the modern sandbox, gives you access to virtually every element of the Valves library and the tools to make them perform any task and whatever you can imagine of. You may load any map from a Source Engine game and fill it with whatever and who you desire. There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you master even a few of them.


There are plenty of other block-based sandbox games out there, but none have ever reached the level of popularity that Minecraft enjoys. This success is partly due to people showing off functioning computers, scale models of the Earth and other huge objects, and entire orchestral pieces using only the tools in the game. There is no denying that, in Minecraft, you can dream it. The only limitations are time, imagination, and skill.

No Mans Sky

The No Mans Sky game, released in 2016, would never make the cut for a list like this, but it has grown so much larger since. You may stay in your initial solar system, farming the few remaining planets available, and stake your claim on the system with a vast, multilayered base of operations. You may also spend hours exploring the infinite cosmos, all of which are icing on a delectable cake.


Roblox is a great game for kids and teens if they want to make something of their own within the Lego-inspired world. Even better, while you may enjoy the game as it is, or browse other people's worlds and creations, one of the main draws is making your own game with the simple tools Roblox provides.

Stardew Valley

The journey to Stardew Valley is a sandbox game. Who you love, where you go to school, how much you travel, and how little you explore the world are all entirely up to you. Add in the chilled-out soundtrack and the simple pleasures of a good day's work without breaking your actual back make for one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences today.


Stonehearth, a mix of Minecraft and Stardew Valley, tasked you with building and maintaining a village, ensuring that your colonists are happy, healthy, and prosperous. Your choices will determine your city's success, and due to a well-built procedurally generated terrain mechanic and random encounters, no playthrough will ever be the same.


Teardown has a narrative you can follow, but the moment-to-moment gameplay is entirely freeform. Everything in every level is composed of small, individual blocks with their own physics. It's your job to destroy it all in whatever way you want to destroy it in. The levels get larger and more complicated as you progress, offering new and varied places and objects to destroy in as many ways as you can come up with.


Terraria gives you all the tools you need to dig deep into the Earth's riches, and you'll be able to build a home from the comfort of the surface or at the bottom of a chasm, rather than face them in the gaps between. It's the best kind of cycle.