The Best Hulu Cooking Shows Right Now

The Best Hulu Cooking Shows Right Now ...

Watching good food being prepared and plated is a wonderful experience, whether it's #foodgasm or #foodporn. It's aspired experience, for one. That's why cooking shows appeal to all kinds of people: those who like to cook, those who want to cook like pros.

So, weve collected a whole collection of popular cooking shows on Hulu that you may enjoy. Whether you want to improve your kitchen skills, or learn new and innovative recipe ideas, each of these programs is a great option to add to your watch list and get some inspiration for backyard barbecues or hosting a party.

Hells Kitchen (2005- Present)

Seasons: 20

314 episodes are on the air.

Average Run Time: 44 minutes

Gordon Ramsay's creator/s

Gordon Ramsay is the lead actor in this film.

This is one of those cooking shows that have become a household name as well as a brand to fear. Hells Kitchen is not just a cooking show, it is a culinary boot camp that invites aspiring restaurateurs/chefs from across the country to compete in a tough competition and demonstrate their skills.

Hells Kitchen became popular due to Ramsay's hard-hitting criticism and slapstick attempts at the contestants, as well as his surprising failures, narrow escapes, and a great deal of creative fare.

Hulu is offering a live stream.

Cutthroat Kitchen (2013 2017)

Seasons: 15

189 episodes + one special

Average Run Time: 60 minutes

Shauna Minoprio, Julia Cassidy, Michael Davies, Melissa Stokes, and Alton Brown are some of the executive producers.

Alton Brown is the cast of The White Knight.

Alton Browns fifth television series to host is Cutthroat Kitchen, featuring four chefs competing in three high-intensity cooking rounds. At the beginning of each episode, each of the competitors receives $25000, which they use to bid on items they can use for their cooking or sabotage their competitors (like seizing equipment/ingredients). At the conclusion of the third round, the last one standing is the winner, and they take the unused money as the days prize.

Hulu is now available for watch.

MasterChef (2010 Present)

Seasons: 12

Count of episodes: 229

Average Run Time: 42 minutes

Franc Roddam, the artist/s

Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sanchez, Daphne Oz, Joe Bastianich, and Christina Tosi star in the cast.

Since 2010, MasterChef has been a household name and has become a benchmark for many culinary competitions thereafter. The program has also translated words like mystery box, deconstructed, and others into household words.

The show, created by Franc Roddam, invites home chefs and amateur chefs to compete in a series of theme-based cuisine. Contestants are selected based on judges' feedback, and winners are selected at the conclusion of each episode.

Hulu is now available to watch.

The Food That Built America (2019 Present)

Seasons: 3

38 episodes in a row

Average Run Time: 90 minutes

Kim Woodard, Greg Henry, Isaac Holub, Yoshi Stone, Jim Pasquarella, and Mary E. Donahue are the executive producers.

Campbell Scott and Adam Richman are the cast members.

Although there isnt any American cuisine at all, there are foods that have shaped the nation's gastronomic heritage and defined its culinary history. The Food That Built America tells the stories of those foods.

Adam Richman and Campbell Scott take viewers on a journey to uncover the stories of some of the world's largest, most well-known food brands in the United States. They also provide commentary from culinary experts and food historians.

Hulu is now offering a live stream.

The Baker Sisters (2017)

Seasons: 1

13 episodes in a row

Average Run Time: 30 minutes

Brian Quigley, the director,

Rachel Smith and Jean Parker are the cast.

Rachel Smith and Jean Parker, both of Ontario, operated the Maple Key Tart Co., a butter tart business founded by their mother, who is also a baker. Now, they are on the road to discovering the finest confections across North America.

Rachel and Jean travel to different locations in each episode to sample the most mouthwatering baked goods. Later, they go to the kitchen with an expert baker to learn how it is made. From simple sponge cake to complex doughnuts, doughnuts, mud pies, tarts, and more, they share their baking adventures with their audience and discover where they originate.

Hulu is offering a live stream.

Gordon Ramsays Home Cooking (2013)

Seasons: 1

20 episodes Count

Average Run Time: 25 minutes


Gordon Ramsay is the star of the film.

Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his unique, innovative, and complex dishes, as well as for being a badass judge at the same time. He is also a father, a husband, and a father who loves to cook for his family. And when at home, he wants his fare to be simple, but delicious.

Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking is an opportunity to see the celebrity chef from his personal kitchen, where he prepares delicious meals in the most simple manner for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He is also having fun while cooking!

Hulu is now available to watch.

Bong Appetit (2016 2019)

Seasons: 1 and 2.

30 episodes have been released.

Average Run Time: 30 minutes

Lauren Cynamon and Ari Fishman are the producers.

Abdullah Saeed is the cast of Abdallah Saeed.

From your frat-house pot brownies or cookies, cannabis has evolved dramatically. In this video, we demonstrate how to prepare and recreate traditional fare.

Abdullah Saeed, a producer, composer, journalist, host, writer, podcaster, and advocate for cannabis legalization, organizes special events that feature recognized chefs who prepare elaborate meals using marijuana in various forms, such as oils, butter, marinades, or smoking meats, among others.

Hulu is now available for watching.

Best Home Cook (2018 Present)

Seasons: 3 (two available on Hulu)

24 episodes in a row

Average Run Time: 60 minutes

Claire Nosworthy, the Executive Producer

Mary Berry, Chris Bavin, Claudia Winkleman, and Angela Hartnett are the cast.

Best Home Cook is a competition between 10 judges from across the United Kingdom that takes on a different meal every week, culminating in a final elimination round. At the end of the episode, one participant is eliminated, and so on, until the winner is the last one left with the best-created dish in the final episode of the season.

Hulu is now available for viewing.

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution (2010 2011)

Seasons: 2 (1 available on Hulu)

12 episodes in a row

Average Run Time: 60 minutes

Jamie Oliver and Ryan Seacrest's creators

Jamie Oliver is the lead actor in this film.

Jamie Oliver, a British chef and food author, has been cited as a major contributor to obesity and other health problems across the United States. This series follows Oliver and TV personality Ryan Seacrest as they push to improve lunch programs in schools.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is a thought-provoking take on daily meals that takes the audience through American homes, schools, and workplaces, and discusses what can be done to improve eating habits for a better lifestyle and wellness. In one episode, he also cooks and shows children how to eat good food that is also healthy.

Hulu is offering a live stream.

Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018 2020)

Seasons: 3

28 episodes are available on this episode count.

Average Run Time: 45 minutes

Gordon Ramsay, Michael Van Briesen, Chris Brodgen, Layla Smith, Greg Lipstone, and Tim Warren are the executive producers.

Gordon Ramsay's Cast

Gordon Ramsay is seen in 24 Hours to Hell and Back as a restaurant owner who is struggling to keep your business going! His methods, however, are quite frightening to the restaurant owner.

Ramsay travels on his 70-foot truck, which he calls Hell on Wheels, to discover a dismal eatery. He then sends a team to investigate the reasons for the establishment's failure, reforms the menu, the interiors, or whatever it takes to completely transform the restaurant's dining experience. After 24 hours, the restaurant is reopened with a fresh and improved appearance and a menu that attracts more customers.

Hulu is now available to watch.

Wall of Chefs (2020 Present)

Three seasons of Seasons

The total number of episodes has risen to 20.

45 minutes is the average run time.

Dave Russell, the director

Noah Cappe is the star of the show.

Wall of Chefs is a Canadian primetime reality show that resembles Best Home Cook in that amateur home chefs and cooks compete against each other in three high-intensity cooking levels. At the end of each round, the least-performing contestant is eliminated, and the winner wins an award of $10000.

Hulu is offering a live stream.

Eaters Guide to the World (2020 Present)

Seasons: 1

7 Episodes Count

Average Run Time: 30 minutes

Ari Fishman and Alex Craig are the directors.

Maya Rudolph is the cast of The Apprentice.

Maya Rudolph, an actor, comedian, and singer, is on a quest to discover the finest, most heartwarming, quiet, and satisfying food in the world; from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Coast, from Costa Rica all the way to Casablanca. Each episode introduces a whole new side of a place/city that you would never have expected to see otherwise.

Hulu is available to watch.

BBQuest (2018 Present)

Seasons: 2

The total number of episodes has risen to 8!

22 minutes are saved on average.

Beef Loving Texans: Who They Are

Kelsey Pribilski is the cast of the Simpsons.

Whether you are new to the grill or planning to become one, this program is a great resource for barbecue enthusiasts or even just those who like to eat. Kelsey visits ranchers, celebrated pitmasters, and specialty chefs along her journey, and discovers new barbecue dishes around Texas.

Hulu is now available to watch.

Crime Scene Kitchen (2021 Present)

Seasons 1 and 2

9 episodes in total

Average Run Time: 44 minutes

Paul Starkman, director

Joel McHale, Yolanda Gampp, and Curtis Stone are the cast members.

No, the kitchen transforms into a crime scene, but there are certain differences between a crime scene and this series format, such as the ability to deduce a dish from the remains of a dish left on the plate, just like a forensic investigation of the crime from a crime scene. The teams who fail to complete the task are eliminated from the competition and the winner of the season receives a grand prize of $100,000.

Hulu is bringing you the latest episodes.

I Draw, You Cook (2018 Present)

Seasons: Three

The total number of episodes in each episode is 20.

Average Run Time: 14 minutes

Nathan Ng and Kevin McShane are the producers.

Alix Traeger and Rie McClenny star in the cast.

I Draw, You Cook is a unique cooking show that allows children to imagine and prepare dishes for them. The kid is the final judge of who they liked the most about different cuisines.

Hulu is now available for viewing.

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