Season 16 of Criminal Minds: Are you ready for filming?

Season 16 of Criminal Minds: Are you ready for filming? ...

Are you ready for Criminal Minds Season 16 to begin production? There is a lot of great stuff to look forward to here. Odds are, you will also find some classic crime-fighting nostalgia mixed in with a few new features.

Paget Brewster confirmed that filming will begin on Monday, according to a looper interview. This is one where she believes the story is great, and that she expects Matthew Gray Gubler to return someday.

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Season 16 of the FBI will be back, and Prentiss will be doing her best to run the ship. There will be some inter-departmental conflict, but we expect the BAU will get some more seasons after the fact! We expect that the new season will be great on its own, since it has such a large following worldwide.

On the other hand, there isn't a premiere date yet. We'd like it to be sometime next year.

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