OpTic Texas' power is delayed because to a delay. New York Subliners will be eliminated from the 2022 CDL Playoffs

OpTic Texas' power is delayed because to a delay. New York Subliners will be eliminated from the 202 ...

OpTic Texas remained calm today, completing their sweep over the New York Subliners, and advancing to the 2022 Call of Duty League Championship.

OpTic's victory was a testament to their ability to bounce back from what might have been a dismal defeat at the Los Angeles Thieves the night before, when they were on the wrong side of a 3-0 defeat. However, Texas' veteran-heavy team showed no sign of any adverse effects from last night's disappointing performance in a win-or-go-home match against New York.

The King and the Pope exchange bombs! @OpTicTexas kick off the series 1-0 after strong performances from @scump and @iLLeYYY! #BrickByBrick | #GreenWall | #CDLChamps pic.twitter.com/ii6KiWCS83

The Hardpoint on Tuscan was a stunning back-and-forth adventure that had provided some incredible replay value for CDL Champs; OpTic led by Scump, who led 234-229 on the shift from P5 to P1. Both Scump and iLLeY were impressive in securing the 1-0 lead.

Texas held off a dominant 3-0 run in the Search and Destroy, claiming all three points thanks to Scump, Shotzzy, and Dashy. As the technical difficulties began, SubTic was one map from a dominant 3-0 run. It was a two-hour delay in the season's biggest tournament.

OpTic had the upper hand and were on a roll. It might have easily ruined their momentum and flipped the series on its head. However, Texas did not let it affect them. In the first round, with the team on offense, they took a commanding life lead. Sadly for the Green Wall, they failed to capitalize and New York held strong.

ON FIRE @OpTicTexas are now one map away from eliminating NYSL and moving on! #BrickByBrick | #GreenWall | #CDLChamps pic.twitter.com/n2Z1PDHgqZ

OpTic showed why they were at one point the best Control team in the game, winning two defensive rounds and one attacking to take the series in 3-0 fashion. iLLey and Dashy posted 1.50 and 1.62 K/Ds in the 3-1 victory.

If Texas were to have any chance, iLLeY would have to bounce back superbly against Los Angeles, and he did so in a massive way, dropping a 1.34 K/D in the series three maps. OpTic took a majority of the blame for his teams poor performance against the Thieves.

After a nearly two-hour delay, @OpTicTexas beat the NYSL and eliminated the NYSL from the tournament! #BrickByBrick | #GreenWall | #CDLChamps pic.twitter.com/tIKgcaOjV6

After the victory, the 2020 CDL champion said, "I put all of yesterday on me." Now, im gonna turn up for the rest of the tournament and we'll take what's ours."

The Subliners' win means they will compete against the Seattle Surge in the elimination finals of CoD Champs 2022.