Boffur Is The Only Dwarf Who Cared About Bilbo in The Hobbit

Boffur Is The Only Dwarf Who Cared About Bilbo in The Hobbit ...

Bilbo is made clear from the very start that he is putting his own life at jeopardy by participating in the quest, and that no one can guarantee his safety. He chooses to go anyway, because his Tolkien desire for adventure gets the better of him. He meets Smaug the terrible dragon in order to find the Arkenstone and assist the dwarves reclaim their homeland.

Bilbo's role in the company and his quest is no small undertaking; in fact, it changes Thorin's fate as well as the fate of all of Middle Earth. However, many in Thorin's company seem to underestimate the young hobbit, and dont see him as a valuable member of the group at first, though this later changes as Bilbo proves himself far more heroic than they had imagined. Boffur is the only dwarf who really cares about Bilbo from the beginning.

Boffur would, at first glance, appear to be the most unlikely dwarve to show such devotion to the hobbit and to live up to his interests. James Nesbitt is well-known for his humorous humor and his lyrical Irish accent. Boffur is well-known for his quick and humorous remark when things are dire. However, he also has a surprising compassion for Bilbo throughout the trilogy.

Bilbo grabs his chance to escape unnoticed while the dwarves are asleep, probably because he is ashamed of Thorin's words and his decision to abandon them. Boffur replies with total empathy and kindness, as he expresses his desire for Bilbo.

Bilbo, who has crafted a plan to trade the Arkenstone in order to keep his friends safe, sneaks up onto the rampart in order to escape Thorin's fortress. While he is tying a rope to scale down, Boffur, who is on guard again, spots him. Instead of reporting him or expressing his concern, he responds with genuine concern.

These are dark times. No one can blame a soul for seeking themselves elsewhere. Bomburs have received their next watch, but it will take a while to wake him up.

Boffur is both granting Bilbo the right to leave without guilt, but also allowing him the chance to escape before the other notices his absence. Yet again, he cares for Bilbo much more than the fact that he might get in trouble for letting the hobbit leave, and just wants what is best for him.

Many of the dwarves are shocked by Thorin's swift cruelty as they understand his motives and good intentions. Boffur grabs Thorin and rushes him to safety out of Thorins reach.

Bilbo is placed first, over and over, because he loves life and friendship and loyalty more than gold and legacy. Gandalf, who pushed him to join the company in the first place, and Balin, who reminds Thorin when he seems willing to give the hobbit up to the dragon in the halls below: His name is Bilbo!