Assassin's Creed Origins: The 15 Best Outfits (& How To Unlock Them)

Assassin's Creed Origins: The 15 Best Outfits (& How To Unlock Them) ...

Assassin's Creed Origins was the franchise's first step towards fully-formed role-playing games, as opposed to the action/adventure games they had been prior to that point. However, there was one thing that the series has never been short on: lots of different outfits!

Bayek is no exception with the beautifully created plains of Ancient Egypt to explore, as well as a few that can only be obtained by completing in-game challenges.

Talha Bin Rizwan's Updated on August 6th, 2022: Few people can assassinate their targets in style. Bayek travels across the land of Ancient Egypt in search of his son's murderers, while others may be complete sets of armor that players may wear.

15 Pharoah Armor

This outfit is a true Pharoah of Egypt's armor set, which is regarded as one of the most elaborate sets in the game. It consists of golden armor parts worn alongside fine leather belts and cloth and is ideal for players that like to show off. The outfit can be purchased via purchase for 500 Helix credits or from Heka chests using in-game currency.

14 Dress Of The Coastal Realm

This is an interesting dress, as it appears to be both for sailors and as a tribute to them. The mixed blues and greens are nice, bright colors that give impressions of the ocean, while the overall design of the outfit provides the practicality that sailors would require.

The first is by purchasing it from a tailor, which is simple but high at 5000 Drachma, so some advanced farming techniques will be required for this. Instead, buy the outfit with blood. Go to the Krokodilopolis Arena in Faiyum Oasis and fight until The Slaver is encountered.

13 Roman Venator

The Roman Venator, a reimagining of the Roman Legionary outfit, takes an excellent costume and makes it even better. While the Legionary outfit is available in red, the Venator outfit is available in black, which suits Bayek better as an assassin.

Bayek must defeat the fighter known as The Hammer on Elite Difficulty before the outfit will be added to the inventory. Roman weapons are the best companion for a full Legionnaire experience.

12 Bathhouse Outfit

This outfit is an example of that. It's a bath towel around Bayek's waist and one draped over his head that gives him an insight into his chest muscles.

Bayek is searching for the order member known as The Snake in the main story called "End of the Snake." He enters the bathhouse as a patron, wearing this outfit, and kills The Snake while he's there.

11 Roman Manius

The Romans (specifically, Julius Caesar) play a significant role in Assassin's Creed Origins, despite their setting in Egypt. This influence extends to Bayek's wardrobe, with this outfit that takes the Legionary dress and makes it a lot more stylish.

At the Cyrene Gladiator Arena in Kyrenaika, players must enter Elite Mode (which is unlocked when beating it on Normal Mode), and defeat The Duelist. Doing this on Normal Mode unlocks the Roman Legionary outfit, but Elite Mode unlocks the much more powerful Roman Manius.

10 Altair, Ezio & Edward Outfits

At some point, previous assassins from the franchise will receive their familiar outfits in newer games. Bayek's outfit will be instantly recognizable to anyone who played the game, and it may even fit canonically.

All of them are unlockable via the same method, which is the Ubisoft Club rewards. Each one costs 40 credits, and each Ubisoft game has methods to earn them. Players who have been a fan of the franchise for a while will surely have a lot of money saved up.

9 Black Hood

The Black Hood is a fantastic Egyptian assassin costume that combines leather goods with gold accents for a stunning ensemble. Despite its name only mentioning a hood, players will receive a leather chest piece, shoulder guards, bracers, and leg protection.

The task of acquiring the outfit is quite difficult as players will have to remove the powerful Phylakes across Egypt and take their keys. Once all keys have been collected, the game will guide players to a spot in the river Nile where they must swim underwater to loot the outfit.

8 Celestial Raiment

This is a rather heavy set of armor, but one that looks quite pretty. It dates back to Chinese culture, as it was worn to battle by those who had a Mandate from Heaven. This usually meant a King, Emperor, or some sort of ruler.

This outfit is part of the "Eastern Dynasties Pack," which costs 1000 Helix Credits, which is equivalent to $10 worth of items.

7 Persian Prince

The Persian Prince outfit is a homage to Ubisoft's older but much-loved Prince of Persia series. It consists of metal armor worn over red cloth, a variety of leather belts, and small pouches along the body. It suits Bayek quite well and is a great option for those who prefer stealth and quick attacks.

The outfit may be purchased from the various Egyptian tailor shops for a total of 2,000 drachmae. It isnt expensive, although it can do a bit of a disorientation to players. If the outfit isn't available at a particular time, players may check back later or try other suppliers found in the world.

6 Shadow Warrior

Many Assassin's Creed followers find it odd that, despite being killers who are supposed to hide the shadows, they wear white. It's beautiful, but it's difficult to deny that it stands out somewhat. The Shadow Warrior outfit gives you the stealthier look you're after.

This outfit is another that requires a trip to the Helix store and a dip in the wallet. It is part of the "Nightmare Pack," which will also include the Abyssal Steed as a mount and some obscure weapons. It costs 1500 Helix Credits, which is roughly $15 worth of stuff.

5 Sekhmet Costume

The Sekhmet Costume, an Egyptian warrior costume, is acquired as part of the side quest Lady of Slaughter. Bayek wears the outfit during the reenactment of the battle between Sekhmet and Isfet held as part of Yamu's festival.

The outfit includes a torso armor piece, a lion head mask, a pair of bracers and greaves, and tattered cloth pieces. Players will only need to complete the side quest to obtain the outfit for free.

4 Radiance Of Anubis

One of the most well-known aspects of ancient Egyptian mythology is their gods. There are almost too many to count, but they are all depicted as animals with heads. Anubis is one of the most well-known of these, as they saw kings during their journey to the afterlife.

The Radiance is the prettiest of Anubis attire, while the Revenge of Anubis is great for those wanting a more threatening appearance. Players must complete the weekly community challenge four times to get the Radiance.

3 Isu Armor

The Isu are the God-like race that lived on Earth in the franchise. They created humans, initially as slaves, but they grew out of those shackles before a great catastrophe destroyed them. Remnants of their advanced technology litter the earth, mostly in the form of Eden artefacts, but armor is available as well.

Byleth completes the stones with constellations while strewn around Egypt. A successful completion will open a door in an Isu vault located beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza's Isu Armor.

2 Engai Na-nyokie

Purple has been regarded throughout history as the most regal of colors. This is partly due to its elegant appearance, but also because to the fact that it was used at this time in ancient history. Purple dye was one of the most rare substances, so it was quite literally worth its weight in gold.

This item is not the most expensive item, but at 2000 Drachma, it might save players a fair amount of money. Sadly, there is no alternative to unlocking this outfit for free.

1 Mythical Warrior

This is one of the game's best looking outfits, but it takes the most time to unlock. Bayek's face is covered in an intimidating mask that gives him glowing eyes and terrifying red stripes.

This is a much larger investment than any other, as players must complete the game twice at a time. Once players have completed the game the first time, the option for New Game Plus will appear.