Is Saturday Night Live coming to NBC on August 6, 2022?

Is Saturday Night Live coming to NBC on August 6, 2022? ...

Is Saturday Night Livenew on NBC tonight? We know that the late-night program has been out for the better part of the past two months, and it makes sense to bring it back as soon as humanly possible.

This is where we need to give you a little bit of information that probably no one wants to hear: There will be no new episode of the show tonight. The hiatus continues, at least for the time being. If there is any sort of silver lining we can offer for the time being, it is the fact that we were at least halfway through the hiatus!

With the help of all of the previous seasons, it's likely that at least a few things will begin to get a little bit more exciting. You may even get a chance to see a new cast member or someone who has deep connections to the program from the past. That's a tough thing to predict since most shows have changed in the last few weeks.

We think NBC will begin to attract more interest over the next month as they begin to sketch out what season 48 might be like. They may also want to begin figuring out the long-term future, too. Kenan Thompson said recently that this might be a good time to put an end to it.

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