Season 5 Cobra Kai: 10 Questions We Hope to Answers

Season 5 Cobra Kai: 10 Questions We Hope to Answers ...

Cobra Kai has grown from its humble beginnings on YouTube Red in 2018 through its inclusion into the Netflix stable in 2020. Its masterful portrayal of who the well-known characters from the 1980s were today is unmatched, and the fine line between drama and comedy is balanced with skill.

Season 4 concluded with an absolute shocker of a finale, Miyagi-Do is no longer alive, Kreese is detained and Miguel has moved to Mexico, and Cobra Kai Season 5 may well be the most explosive season yet, with plenty of unanswered questions.

10 Will We See Mike Barnes?

Mike Barnes is the next famous comeback for Cobra Kai. Mike, played by Sean Kanan in The Karate Kid 3, was hired by Cobra Kai to face Daniel in the tournament. Terry Silver is the next player who may need some help in the valley in Season 5.

Silver would make perfect sense to give his old protegee a call this season, with Chozen supporting Daniel and Miyagi-do karate.

9 Is Kreese Locked Away For Good?

Season 4 concluded with some huge consequences for the characters, and one of the greatest blowshells came when John Kreese himself was exposed to some mind games and betrayal.

Silver and Kreese were ecstatic about the tournament victory Cobra Kai had won. We discover that John has been apprehended for the brutal beating of Stingray in the closing scenes of the finale. Terry is now the sole owner of the Cobra Kai franchise, perhaps with a new sensei along for the ride.

8 Will Tory Stay With Cobra Kai?

Tory is one of Cobra Kai's most loyal and talented students. We see her victory in the All-Valley tournament defeating Sam LaRusso. Silver tells Tory to aim the other eye, disgusted with the suggestion of cheating she listens instead to Kreese, who tells her to triumph however she believes she can.

Tory overhears Silver talking about the bribe he paid to win the tournament, which, according to Tory's face after hearing this, will not sit well with the champion.

7 Is Miyagi-Do Truly Finished?

Terry Silver and Daniel LaRusso placed a wager on the fate of the dojo and would forever alter the course of life in the valley. Silver hopes to franchise Cobra Kai through the valley, using his enormous wealth, and for Daniel never to teach another kid.

Daniel may not be able to fully uphold his end of the deal when Cobra Kai cheats by bribing the referees. Chozen has arrived to assist Miyagi-Do in resurrecting Miyagi-Do by defeating Cobra Kai once and for all.

6 Has Kenny Gone Too Far?

Dallas Dupree Young plays Kenny Payne, a quiet kid who liked video games and cosplay. In the early days of this season, Kenny turned to his brother's friend Robby for assistance. However, Cobra Kai has begun to engulf young Kenny and twist his beliefs in brutal ways.

A surprise change in circumstances led to the return of nice Kenny.

5 Will Anthony Join Miyagi-Do?

Anthony LaRusso has not had the best of seasons in Cobra Kai, from spoiled brat beginnings to terrible school bullies, but he found himself on the receiving end of bullying towards the end of season 4. In season 4, we saw him join Miyagi-Do instead of summer camp but instead cheat his father's training by cleaning the automobiles for him.

After his dismal defeat against Kenny after the tournament, maybe he will reconsider his membership status next season.

4 Daniel Vs Johnny - Who Would Win?

The most built-up but unresolved match-up between Johnny and Daniel has always been teasing, but none of these has ever occurred. What must happen to bring it all to a halt for the moment is an actual-sanctioned fight.

Daniel defeats Johnny in an All-Valley tournament with, what Johnny considered an unlawful move: the crane kick. It's only fair that an actual rematch be held to determine who the better fighter is once and for all.

3 Where Is Julie Pierce?

Mike Barnes is the most rumored comeo in Season 5 of Cobra Kai, but she is followed by Julie Pierce, who played Mr. Miyagi in the fourth Karate Kid film, The Next Karate Kid.

Julie would be the envy of legends when she shows up to compete against Daniel to see who the best Miyagi-trained student is. Seeing the two teams up to face off against Cobra Kai would be even better, and having her playable in Fortnite would be the crowning achievement.

2 Who Is Miguels Father?

During Cobra Kai, Johnny and Miguel have become close, sometimes to the point of a father-son bond. We have heard that Miguel's father isn't a nice guy, and Carmen left him after discovering who he was and the business he was in.

Miguel fled to Mexico in search of his father to discover where he came from at the end of season 4, and this episode will almost certainly involve Johnny as he embarks on a journey to bring him home.

1 What Is Left Of Eagle Fang?

Johnny decided to find Eagle Fang as an alternative for students who still wanted him as their sensei after losing Cobra Kai to Kreese. In season 4, Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang have a truce and the students learn from opposing masters. They enter the All-Valley with a common goal - to defeat Cobra Kai and end Silver's tyranny of the valley.

What Happened to Eagle Fang now, with Johnny following Miguel to Mexico and their elimination at the tournament, is a mystery.