Tim Allens The Santa Clauses Has Brought In An NCIS Actor For A Fantastical Role

Tim Allens The Santa Clauses Has Brought In An NCIS Actor For A Fantastical Role ...

New and familiar faces have joined Tim Allen's Santa Clause franchise in his latest adventure at the North Pole. While some fans may have assumed that every crucial role had been revealed, another name has been added to the cast. A NCIS actor has been hired for a fantastical role by the Santa Clauses.

Laura San Giacomo, an NCIS expert, will play La Befana the Christmas Witch, an Italian folklore figure who gives good children treats on the morning of Three Kings Day, according to Deadline. San Giacomo's character will fit into The Santa Clauses, though it's unclear how specific she'll fit into The Santa Clauses.

Laura San Giacomo has been cast on NCIS as Dr. Grace Confalone from 1997 to 2004, but it was her transition to television that earned her the most recognition. Maya Gallo, the daughter of Blush owner Jack Gallo, was also nominated for a Golden Globe award in 1997. She has also played in Barry Season 2.

Matilda Lawler, who plays Carol Calvin-Claus in the third installment of The Santa Clause, and Elizabeth Mitchell and David Krumholtz as Bernard the Elf return to the Christmas-centric franchise after being absent from the 2006 film.

After Scott Calvin starts losing his Santa magic before his 65th birthday, the Santa Clauses will follow him as he tries to find a Santa replacement. Buddy and Charlie are attempting to savor the life outside of the North Pole. Calvin must contemplate his Santa duties while figuring out his familys need for life outside the Pole.

Laura San Giacomo will be introduced to fans in the coming months, just as Tim Allen showed off the first look back on the set. Allen is the executive producer on the Disney+ limited series, along with showrunner Jack Burditt and Last Man Standing producer Kevin Hench. San Giacomo will join Burditt on the set of Just Shoot Me!

You can watch all three films from the Santa Clause series before the Disney+ miniseries debuts later this year on Disney+. As well, check out the top TV shows on Disney+.