Fallout 76 has super mutant locations

Fallout 76 has super mutant locations ...

As you traverse the Appalachian wastelands in Fallout 76, you will encounter a slew of different enemy types. You will encounter some of the most deadly enemies you will ever encounter. If you have not played any Fallout game before, chances are you know how devastating these enemies can be. However, Super Mutants are one of the best enemy types to farm for supplies and experience in Fallout 76.

Best places to find Super Mutants

Super Mutants are unlikely to be defeated until you have gained quite a few levels. Make sure you have good damage resistances before you go hunting for them. There are plenty of locations where you can find them, but check the following lists if you are looking for a large number of them.

  • Grafton Dam & Grafton Steel
  • Horizons Rest
  • Huntersville
  • West Tek Research Center
  • New Gad
  • Charleston
  • National Isolated Radio Array
  • Eastern Regional Penitentiary (Courtyard)

Each of these areas has a large number of Super Mutants for you to contend with in order to get the gear you're looking for or the training you need for your next level up. You may also join events like Eviction Notice when they go live to farm Super Mutants.

In Fallout 76, why should you farm Super Mutants?

Many Super Mutants that you encounter throughout the game will be carrying assault rifles that have been modified in some way. These are great for hauling steel scrap into the farm. Many Super Mutants will also be carrying pistol powder when you remove them. This is one of the most essential items in weaponry.