10 Kombatants Who Realistically Wouldnt Last 5 Minutes in Mortal Kombat

10 Kombatants Who Realistically Wouldnt Last 5 Minutes in Mortal Kombat ...

The Mortal Kombat franchise is undoubtedly well-known, but it has always relied on many massive suspensions of disbelief. In a world in which fighters can be shot, burned, decapitated, or ripped in half only to appear right for their next bout, it's difficult to take things fully seriously.

However, one of the greatest restrictions on Mortal Kombatworld is the notion that every round is somewhat equal, that an Average Joe may defeat any of his opponents with a punch to the head or a punch to the privates while completing the splits.

10 Kollector's Name Tells You Everything

Each of Kollector's limbs is a technical marvel, but there's so little else to recommend Shao Khan's minion as either a fighter or an actual character. Small, weary, and creepy to a fault, it would be a surprise to see Kollector return for another series installment in the fighting colossus.

Kollector isnt a great fighter because he isnt a lot of fun to remember. As his name implies, he is essentially a debt collector, an unscrupulous minion who does the bidding of others rather than slugging it out as a great warrior.

9 Erron Black Is A Very Human Sharpshooter

When Erron Black became one of the best players in the Mortal Kombat franchise, he was praised by fans for his unique weaponry and brutal effectiveness. He currently sits pretty high in the MK11 tier list rankings.

If Erron is permitted to wield his firearms, it's probable that only the gods themselves would be able to grab him. How many times have players watched a karate tournament and seen one of the fighters pull out a pistol? He's just another guy in a hat.

8 Kobra Is Just A Kickboxer

Kobra is one of the hardest to believe of all the actors who have stretched the limits of credibility and credulity. Armed only with boxing globes, kali sticks, and occasionally a machete, he is a regular Mortal Kombats street brawler/martial artist, a musclebound fighter whose special abilities are limited to punching his opponents in the head.

It takes a genius to realize that such abilities, however impressive, will not be sufficient in facing off against practically any of the more powerful or advanced characters in the MK realms. From Shinnock to Shao Khan, Shang Tsung to Sindel, Kobra simply would not stand a chance.

7 Hsu Hao Was Hated And Pretty Useless

Hsu Hao is not liked by any NetherRealm developers at the time, while Mortal Kombat 11 makes a few disturbing references to Mongolian mercenaries. Erron Blacks introduces the gunlinger throwing Hsu Haos' severed head before his opponents, while Fujin mocks Kano's reference to the wind god as Raiden lite.

Hsu Hao, being one of the most feared kombatants in Mortal Kombat's history, had practically nothing going for him. A cheap Kano knock-off with only a few interesting abilities and abilities, Hsu Hao's inevitable death in a real MK exchange would certainly be welcomed by most onlookers.

6 Sonya Blade Is Iconic But Outmatched

Sonya Blade might have done a lot for the representation of women in fighting games, especially considering that she was the only female fighter in the original arcade game, but good intentions do not win fights. Put the army general up against another human being and shell will likely wipe the floor with them, but it's a stretch of the imagination to think that Sonya might be superior to anyone who has supernatural abilities.

Sonya outperforms Quan Chi, Scorpion, and a revenant Jax in MKX, as well as her old foe Kano, with his cybernetic upgrades. That's pretty impressive by anyone's standards.

5 Jade Stands A Slim Chance

Jade, a striking Edenian warrior, has established herself as one of Mortal Kombat's most popular female fighters, surpassing Sonya, Cassie, and even Kitana's cocky charm.

If pressure were to be applied, would it be sufficient to save Kitanas' skin? Both her famous razor-rangs (throwing blades that return to their user) are unlikely to concern a demi-god in the slightest. Jades' "force rejection field," which allows her to become impervious to incoming bullets, and her ability to teleport practically at will, do give her a fighting chance.

4 Stryker Is A Man Out of His Depth

Stryker is an ordinary cop caught up in a whole world of trouble, forced to fight (and best) Ermac's telekinetic powers and Reptiles' superhuman agility and strength. If ever there was a time the Mortal Kombat reboot had its tongue in its cheek, it was in Chapter 12.

One wonders how well everyone's favorite SWAT member would have performed if he hadn't been protected by some quite spectacular plot armor. For no discernable reason, Stryker is spared the same horrible fate as Ermac for no apparent reason. That's Mortal Kombat.

3 Reiko Is No Threat to The Big Hitters

Mortal Kombat 4 was responsible for introducing some truly horrifying characters to an expanding roster, and none were more egregious than Outworld general Reiko, who was left unsatisfied by the years. As time has passed, Reiko's reputation hasnt exactly been improved, with the Shao Kahn acolyte no longer showing up since the reboot in 2009.

Reiko was never that popular as a fighter, yet he was never much to write home about as a guy. Yes, his usual abilities and move sets made him better than your Average Joe, but he would soon be discovered if he had to face the Raidens or Scorpions of this world.

2 Kung Jin Is Too Much Of A Nice Guy

Kung Jin, who was introduced as one of the so-called Kombat Kids in Mortal Kombat X, arguably made the lesser impact of the quadrumvirate of debutants hoping to form a new generation of fighters capable of one day taking over from the old guard.

Erron Blacks' use of force during a gunfight is unethical, since he has nothing to offer other than a staff and a bow and arrows when facing more powerful opponents. Kung Jin might be a nice guy, but he'll not do much damage in the big leagues.

1 Meat's Defects Are Self-Evident

Mocap, a solitary guy who instructs Kung Lao and Lui Kang, are two of the most well-known examples of Ed Boon's slightly twisted sense of humor. Meat, the most famously warped creature the franchise ever coughed up.

Meat is a fleshy, skinless humanoid who fled Shang Tsung's flesh pits before he could be fully formed, giving him his distinctively gory appearance in Mortal Kombat 4 but seldom seen much in the series modern era.