In the 2022 LCS Summer Split, liquid snowball their way to victory over Flyquest, and close in on the LCS Championship spot

In the 2022 LCS Summer Split, liquid snowball their way to victory over Flyquest, and close in on th ...

At the start of week seven of the 2022 Summer Split, only four spots remain open for grabs in the LCS Championship, as Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves have already secured their entry. Close behind them are Team Liquid and FlyQuest, two teams that are fully capable of qualifying, but who are facing tough competition in the middle of the standings.

A victory in this match between the two teams, who were tied for third place and sixth place respectively, was crucial in separating themselves from the competitors below. Ultimately, Liquid was the winner, bringing them out of their third place t tie and into sole control of third place, at least temporarily.

He just flashed over the wall?!? @Santorin #LCS

Santorin, who kept an eye on all sections of the map at the same time, was crucial in putting his bot and top lanes substantially ahead of their opponents. Using his confidence in Bjergsens ability to hold his ground in the mid lane, Santorin constantly kept an eye on the opposing bot lane, taking advantage of their lack of summoner spells and forcing Josedeodo to answer.

When he wasn't in bot lane, he was storming through the top side jungle, securing Scuttles, Rift Heralds, and Barons. Though the team could have shown more aggression in the mid game, they were aware of FlyQuests' ability to return in games, and decided to maintain their mind games as epic objectives arose.

The team's dominance in the mid-late games allowed Liquid to take a significant lead until FlyQuest could not catch an opponent out-of-position or wait for a teamfight. An ultimate from Santorins Poppy prevented Liquid to their ninth victory.

FlyQuest have been searching for a strategy that works for them for weeks. They are positioned in the middle of the standings, posing a cross between teams who are willing to contest Playoffs qualification and those who are unable to keep up. In this game, heavy early pressure from Liquid seemed to completely throw them off, forcing them to play passively.

If Liquid can maintain the game-wide pressure they have been displaying in recent weeks, they are more than likely to qualify for the LCS Championship and make up for their spring Playoffs performance. If CLG loses to FlyQuest tomorrow, Liquid will be guaranteed a spot, though they will continue to push for seeding until the last week of the 2022 LCS Summer Split.