Why Was Brad Pitt Talking to a Former Bachelorette?

Why Was Brad Pitt Talking to a Former Bachelorette? ...

The Bachelor and the Bachelorette's stars are well-known. However, they aren't Brad Pitt's celebrities. So when former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay got to interview Brad Pitt as part of her role on the television show, Extra, it was a thrill for fans.

Lindsay was wearing an off-white vest with nothing underneath, and her hair was pulled neatly back in a ponytail. Pitt was wearing a lime green jacket and pants with an open-placket, dark green shirt for the Los Angeles premiere. Much of the discussion focused on the 58-year-olds' laid-back attitude.

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Lindsay started off by mentioning the popular Pitt-in-a-skirt look that the actor wore during the German premiere of Bullet Train. Can you believe that went as viral as it did? Pitt replied, my policy is to remain blissfully ignorant. Lindsay informed Pitt that she would follow that advice.

Lindsay jokingly replied, "It works." The new catchphrase came up again several times during the interview. She praised Pitt for being very laid back and relaxed. Its a very chill Brad were seeing before asking the Fight Club star what he has learned about himself in the three years since he has done a film."

Pitt reaffirmed his blissfully naive belief, adding, "It's going to be okay. " The discussion then turned to Pitts new residence in Carmel, with his daughter Zahara coming to Spelman College, which is apparently where Lindsay's sister went as well.

Rachel Lindsay was a guest on Bachelor Nation's season 21, in which she met Nick Viall and returned in week nine. In season 13, she was hailed as the first African-American star of the popular ABC show. The couple is still married to Dr. Bryan Abasolo.

Fans and Friends Were So Excited for Lindsay

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo (@therachlindsay) has shared a tweet.

Lindsay shared pictures from her Brad Pitt interview on Instagram, and followers went wild. Many of her Bachelor Nation colleagues commented as well. Kaitlyn Bristowe commented, That would be me, but with a pee stain on my pants. Wow!

One fan commented, You were both so kind and genuine. He even commented, You made him feel right.

Another Instagram user commented, You are such a natural at this. No phony words and just having fun! Im sure he loved this. There were also a lot of Get it, girl! responses and questions about Pitt's smell.