A Pokemon GO glitch that looks like something from Elden Ring is bizarre

A Pokemon GO glitch that looks like something from Elden Ring is bizarre ...

Niantic released the augmented reality game Pokemon Go in 2016. The game received mixed reviews for its lack of content and technical difficulties, but has developed into an extremely profitable product. Like all video games, Pokemon Go is occasionally susceptible to bugs.

Many of Pokemon Go's flaws were resolved in a 2016 update, but they still remain. For the most part, bugs in the game are harmless, giving them a different appearance or causing them to run in a strange way. Other times, however, these flaws can result in something quite horrifying.

Typhlosion fusioned with a Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, according to a recent Reddit user, and it's quite difficult to tell what Pokemon are fused into this thing.

Grimm64209 claimed that the fused Pokemon resembled Godrick the Grafted, the Elden Ring's boss. He preferred to fusing additional limbs to his body in order to gain more power. The title for the image also reads "I command thee kneel!!!"; a weapon skill that is only available with the Axe of Godrick.

The players in the FromSoftware games will typically encounter one of two categories: humans in armor or some sort of grotesque monster straight out of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares. Many of the Elden Ring bosses have been debated by players on which one is the worst. This particular Pokemon Go abomination, born of a glitch, could easily fit right alongside one of these bosses.

Pokemon Go has continued to be a major moneymaker for Nintendo, Niantic, and The Pokemon Company. In 2020 alone, the game earned over $7 billion, according to some sources, and the game has since launched. Sometimes, these bugs are just a fun way to describe Elden Ring bosses.

Pokemon GO is now available on most mobile devices.