Road 96: How to Unlock Every Ability

Road 96: How to Unlock Every Ability ...

Road 96 is an incredible road trip adventure game with a narrative focus and many choices that determine whether Petria's country falls further into tyrannical oppression or finally escapes it at the end of the game. The characters that the player interacts with are interesting and varied, but they also can each provide valuable abilities that aid with later runs in the game and the final chapters.

Some Road 96 abilities are more powerful than others, but all are worth unlocking. If a player wants to unlock all of them in a single run, they must follow the following guide.

6 Hacking

Although hacking sounds like a handy skill to acquire, it generally helps with opening a few doors and safes throughout the game. It may also help with certain Stan and Mitch scenarios, although these are of lesser importance than some other scenarios.

Unsurprisingly, to unlock the hacking skill requires a certain interaction with Alex. If a player goes to a restaurant with Alex playing a Pwong game there is a good possibility they will end up trying to steal the safe behind the diner. If the player chooses to assist him then hell give them the hacking ability to escape the safe.

5 Lock picking

Lock-picking is similar to hacking, as it allows players to unlock new doors in buildings. Unfortunately, it does not allow players to unlock cars, but it may also be useful in helping Zoe in some situations, which makes it much more useful than hacking, since Zoe's scenarios can be significantly more consequential to the game's conclusion.

The player must take a taxi and accompany Stan and Mitch in a heist at the Happy Taxi headquarters. If the player assists the pair with the heist, they will acquire the lock-picking ability during the difficult situation.

4 Lucky Star

The lucky star is a prize that sounds totally useless, yet has a huge impact on the players' abilities as they progress through the game. As you go through the game, the lucky star's ability adds a fifteen percent chance of success. While not giving any guarantees of success at any time, the star will also make some dialogue choices.

The player has to try a walking route and discover a Tyrak rally, where Sonya will enlist the crowd to boo Tyrak. As long as the player conducts the pre-rally interview correctly with Sonya they get the lucky star.

3 Government Pass

The government pass is beneficial in some of the game's most difficult situations, such as dealing with police officers. It gives the player more options and helps him avoid some of the most dangerous situations they may find themselves in. It also makes it much easier to earn solid income throughout the rest of the game.

Officer Fanny will drive the player to the scene and leave her government pass in the vehicle for the player to take.

2 Omen Vitality

The omen vitality reward for a game in which the player's most likely failure is in running out of energy is extremely beneficial. Not only does this benefit increase the player's maximum potential energy, but it also strengthens player characters, giving them greater options to dodge obstacles that require strength.

While hitchhiking, the player must be picked up by John. He will then wake him up when he starts to fall asleep, and he will then prompt him to make him a drink using the recipe. The player then earns this extremely valuable bonus.

1 Cleverness

The game's greatest ability is probably the cleverness ability. This ability allows players to make a lot of additional dialogue choices at critical moments throughout the game, while also unlocking both deception and persuasion as ways to interact with other characters. This gives players an alternative method of escaping across the border by taking the offshore worker exam.

The ability to be clever is also the most difficult to achieve, since it involves a lengthy procedure. Having a conversation with Jarod is quite dangerous and will result in the player's death more often than not.