Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Apparently Much More Than A Remaster, But Not A "Complete Remake," According to Crisis Core

Final Fantasy VII Reunion Is Apparently Much More Than A Remaster, But Not A "Complete Remake," Acco ...

Square Enix is also releasing the action-RPG Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion on the hybrid platform if you weren't already overloaded with fantastic RPG experiences on Switch.

Tetsuya Nomura, the game's creative producer, went into some more depth in a recent interview with Everyeye (translated by Nintendo Everything).

It's "really difficult" to define, but it's "much more than a remaster" rather than a complete remake. The term 'Reunion' is used to connect the various pieces together.

We were unsure about the best way to describe the project at one point. I think the product is more like a remake or a remaster, as the narrative wasnt altered at all and the game always remains the same.

The graphics have been completely rebuilt, the models have been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and many scenes that were previously only subtitled have been dubbed, and the combat system has been enhanced. It's a tricky game, because it's more than a remaster, but at the same time it's not a complete remake.

So, there you have it - a bit of both, but it does not go the whole yard in terms of being a "complete remake".

The game will include improved 3D models, full voiceovers, and new music arrangements. If you're not completely familiar with the game, it made its debut on the PlayStation in 2007 and is a prequel to Final Fantasy VII with Zach Fair, an important character in the FFVII mythos:

"The way his narrative weaves into the fates of characters like Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Sephiroth will leave a lasting impression," said the author.

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