In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, there are 13 rrest encounters

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla, there are 13 rrest encounters ...

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has a smaller map than Odyssey's, but it's still far more populated. Players will not have to go far to discover a new challenge in their quest to conquer.

Eivor will be prepared to deal with each challenge as it arises in the many different locations around England. The rarest and toughest of these encounters hit new heights for the Viking warrior, with mythical weapons, legendary beasts, and historical figures in their way. Not to mention a few heartfelt moments.

Updated August 6, 2022 by Stephen LaGioia The Viking action epic from Ubisofts is staggeringly vast and extensive. With so many areas to explore, secrets to uncover, mysteries to complete, and goods to gather, it's no surprise many have reported their Valhalla expeditions going over 100 hours. The game's atmosphere and immersion can thus seem like endless pursuits.

This is partly due to the abundance of rare, hard-to-find items and items that have only increased following the release of new content, such as River Raids and the trio of DLC packs. Assassin's Creed Valhalla will almost always have players busy looking for something unusual.

13 Eitri's Lone Mystery - Remnants

Dawn of Ragnarok is a new level of DLC that includes a wide variety of goodies, quests, and activities. Although fairly straightforward to solve, this region of Eitri is home to just one World Event Mystery, called 'Remnants.' This area is often hidden behind crumbling brick walls and ruin.

Players will first need to find a single dwarf named Bolri in the Eitri region's southeast region, a bit southeast of a tall Viewpoint. Players will then walk with Bolri and locate his son's toy hammer on the floor, either via Odin's Sight or simply empathizing him with Eivor's words.

A Skeletal Secret Of The Sea Inside A 12 Ireland Easter Egg

Wrath of the Druids, a DLC developed in Ireland, has its fair share of fun secrets and easter eggs. One of the most subtle and mysterious comes in the form of a strange skull that rests along the shoreline of northeast Ireland.

If you stumble upon this bizarre figure, there is nothing to gain or collect. It does make for a fascinating easter egg.

11 O Yan Do-Ne - The Mad Moose

AC Valhalla is dotted with a number of legendary animals, many of which are difficult to even recognize or defeat. One notable example is the massive moose named O Yan Do-Ne. This beast is created by initiating the Vinland arc, which will end with Eivor killing several members of the order.

  • The Leech, The Arrow, The Compass, Avgos, Vicelin - should all be eliminated already upon finishing the Lunden storyline.
  • Leofgifu
  • Hunta
  • Gorm Kjotvesson

Return to Ravensthorpe and begin the 'In A Strange Land' quest after getting dealt with, first with Hytham and then Randvi.

O Yan Do-Ne is located just south of the Connecticut River, at the north end of the center region encircled by the river. Yet he is actually one of the simpler famous animals. Players will still want to keep their distance and look out for its charges, spins, and kicks.

Keep in mind that the recommended power level here is around 160 volts.

10 Magyar Hunting Bow

It's sometimes difficult to find a powerful and versatile bow, but this is exactly how this sought-after bow might be described. It's not easy to acquire one, but it's worth the investment.

Players will need to construct the Hunter's Hut in their settlement and complete all Delivery tasks, at which point they'll be rewarded with this rare, useful bow.

9 Hamtunscire Fly Agaric - A Wild Skirmish

Eivor is essentially hallucinate upon eating strange mushrooms and battling through trials, which are strewn across a thin veil, including a wild board, two archers, and a powerful warrior from the Isu, Jotnar.

This wild battlefield may be difficult to spot due to its location in the middle of nowhere, with only a few nearby attractions. Head to Chepenham's northeast part, within the west-central area of Hamtunscire. Players will want to be on their toes for this one, constantly moving around and avoiding attacks.

8 Erik Loyalskull - Loyal And Kingless

Erik Loyalskull will likely be encountered by players in the opening sequence of Valhalla, living far from civilization in a cave behind a waterfall. He will tell players about how he once raided England with his king, but that king is no longer alive.

Erik chooses to face the player, wanting to do so in an honorable contest to Odin's halls. Unfortunately, doing so at the very start of the game is a common mistake for players. Erik is a formidable opponent, and Eivor does not have the stamina or ability to face him early in the game. As such, many players leave Norway early in the story, they will forget to offer this loyal warrior the death he desires.

7 Winnie The Pooh - Who Doesn't Love Honey?

Eivor may stumble upon a little boy who seems intent on receiving honey from some beehives. The child requests Eivor to place it on a stump next to a beautiful decorated tree while wandering through the forests of Cent.

After a few seconds, a bear named Winifred will appear and enjoy the honey. Eivor is surprised by the interaction, and will discover more animals, such as a pig, rabbit, and donkey, a clear reference to the famous Winnie the Pooh characters from A. A. Milne.

6 Hadrian's Wall - Keeping The Northerners Out

The player's exploration of England will undoubtedly take him to the northern border, which separates England from Scotland. Here, Eivor will discover Hadrian's Wall, a wall constructed by Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century to defend the island they conquered at the time.

Although only a few sections of the wall remain today, in the time of Valhalla, it remains in relative beauty. Players may, in fact, walk the entire length of the wall if they wish. Along the wall, they will find a Lost Drengr to fight, and lighting all of the beacons from end to end will earn players an achievement for their troubles.

5 The Daughters Of Lerion

The Daughters of Lerion are three of Valhalla's most difficult opponents. Scattered across England, these occultists use mystical powers in their battles against Eivor, which are difficult to overcome.

Goneril is the first of these daughters to fight in the game. She has a speed level of 90 and quick dodges, so opponents should not take her lightly. Explosives and poisonous gas are used in her battle. Players should keep on the move at all times to strike at the appropriate time.

Players will receive Thor's Breeches, the first part of one of the game's best armor sets, when defeated.

When it comes to defeating the second daughter, players will learn more about their father, Lerion, who was apparently a powerful occultist who practiced dark magic, causing all of England's kingdoms to rise up and assassinate him, causing the daughters to flee.

Regan is a significantly more difficult opponent than Goneril. Eivor will need to have a lot of experience before challenging her. She will utilize a shadow clone of herself to deal additional damage to Eivor in battle.

Cordelia, Eivor's final daughter, is the strongest of all. She has a Power Level of 340, making her one of the game's most powerful opponents. She launches numerous unblockable attacks and several shadow clones that attack Eivor.

Players who defeat Cordelia will receive Thor's Gauntlets, but that's not all. Each sister will award players with a different sword. These swords are not usually used in battle, but are actually keys. Take them to the buried Lerion estate in East Anglea, and a passage will open, rewarding players with Thor's Helmet.

4 Fireflies - A Homely Glow

Ravensthorpe, Valhalla's home town, has a beautiful pond with some stunning foliage and a waterfall feeding into it. If you want to make this area even more beautiful, then you should seek help.

Fireflies can be found anywhere in England, but they are extremely rare. Instead, there is a location near Bleak Peak in Grantebridgescire that will spawn Fireflies every single night for Eivor to come and collect. Releasing them near the town's pond in Ravensthorpe will make for a stunning scene as well as an achievement for doing the work.

3 Excalibur - Become The Rightful King Of England

Excalibur, King Arthur's most powerful weapon in Valhalla, is discovered in a cave near Stonehenge in the most powerful region in the game.

The difficulty of finding it is in the process, as removing the sword from the stone is no easy task. Instead, there are 11 strange tablets players must collect from throughout England. The majority of these are the Treasures of Britain scattered throughout the world, although some are held by powerful Zealots. According to legend, collecting them all gives Eivor the chance to rule England.

2 Steinnbjorn - A Mountain Of A Beast

Steinnbjorn, the most dangerous of the Legendary Beasts, is a mythical creature that can only be found when Eivor drinks a potion and travels to Jotunheim. The encounter will only be visible until players get close, at which point Steinnbjorn will be able to attack.

This bear is made of nothing but stone and ice and has a power level of 400, making it the most powerful creature in the game. Players should be prepared for a long fight, even at the maximum Power Level. However, should players weather the storm and destroy the beast, they will be awarded two skill points and some rations.

1 Mjolnir - Eivor Is Worthy

The most well-known weapon in Norse mythology, Mjolnir, is one of the finest Valhalla weapons. Its strength isn't easily acquired, though, and Eivor must first demonstrate that they are qualified to wield such a weapon.

The three Daughters of Lerion must be defeated, as well as all 45 members of The Order, which requires completing the game's unique story. Once Thor's Armor has been obtained, players must trek to the north of Hordafylke in Norway, where they will discover the legendary Mjolnir, the cursed hammer. Combine it with Thor's Armor for a dramatic effect.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.