7 of the Best Carnivores from the Path of Titans

7 of the Best Carnivores from the Path of Titans ...

Path of Titans is a critically acclaimed role-playing game that has been released. Players can survive as dinosaurs in a massive open-world role-playing game and try to survive as either a Carnivore or a Herbivore.

Path of Titans features an extensive collection of dinosaurs for players to choose from, as well as a few fan favorites. However, there are a few that stand at the top for their abilities and performance; developing a custom dinosaur so that it becomes a real threat to deal with must be worthwhile.

7 Daspletosaurus

The Daspletosaurus is one of the most destructive creatures in Path of Titans; closely related to and thought of as the T-Rex of the game, the Daspletosaurus is a two-legged dinosaur with tiny appendages for arms that have sharp claws.

The main cause of damage is the Daspletosauruss mouth, which has dozens of razor-sharp teeth and can invoke many high-damage abilities, some even breaking bone on contact, which severely damages even the toughest dinosaur; even the Daspletosaurus' speed can be increased by sacrificing defense so that it can always keep pace with its goal.

6 Latinivenitrix

The tiny dinosaur's claw is nothing to underestimate; the Latinivenitrix is a fast and deadly beast in the game that quickly picks apart a single target while being difficult to locate and attack.

The Latiniventrix's small stature allows it to sweep through shrubbery and trees and find its prey before they even notice it. It has a moderately destructive bite and can unleash a powerful bark to buff other creatures of the raptor class, increasing their damage considerably in Path of Titans.

5 Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus, a massive apex predator created by the Jurassic Park film franchise, is one of the few dinosaur species capable of traversing both land and underwater, posing a significant threat to all kinds of enemy species.

The Spinosaurus also has several abilities that enhance its damage, defense, and movement speed; as a result, it has a group size of 5, leaving little room for much else. The Spinosaurus is a great game both solo and in a small group.

4 Metriacanthosaurus

The Metriacanthosaurus is a medium-sized creature that is more noticeable than the Raptor and T-Rex. It also plays a supporting role in Path of Titans. Its Claw Strike ability quickly causes substantial damage to its targets.

The Metriacanthosaurus has the Venom Bite ability, which afflicts targets with poison, hindering their growth and wasting their stamina for a moderate period. Pairing with larger predators is a viable strategy.

3 Concavenator

The Concavenator is adept at whittling down larger prey so they can't escape; as a member of the middle-sized dinosaur class in Path of Titans, the Concavenator provides high bleed damage and utilizes its high speed to avoid attacks and escape more powerful creatures.

Players who enjoy the minimal contact gameplay will enjoy stepping behind the controls of the Concavenator because it only has a group size of two; it can work well as a support to a much larger dinosaur to pick apart prey.

2 Ceratosaurus

The Ceratosaurus is one of the most versatile dinosaurs in Path of Titans, with many viable playstyles for solo play and as part of a team. The Ceratosaurus has above-average survivability and offensive damage, making it ideal for the frontline as the primary damage dealer or the tank.

The Ceratosaurus benefits from both the Thick scales extra armor attribute and the Bone Break ability, which can cause significant damage depending on how long the ability is triggered. With a group size of 2, an entire pack of these devils is a force to be reckoned with.

1 Alioramus

The Alioramus is a movement-based dinosaur; its abilities provide additional movement speed and maneuverability at the expense of defense. Players would learn to pick apart targets better when part of a pack by catch and release techniques.

The Alioramus has the bite ability, therefore its damage isn't that great; however, fights against the Alioramus are very once sides as it's tough to hit what can't be caught. A group size of two makes the Alioramus a great fit for a Spinosaur or a Raptor pack.