The MultiVersus Battle Pass progression might be shared between two players

The MultiVersus Battle Pass progression might be shared between two players ...

MultiVersus is not attempting to reinvent the wheel in many ways - it's a derivative platform fighter inspired by the Super Smash Bros. franchise in many surprising ways. It's free-to-play, it has a powerful rewards system, and, most importantly, it's all about 2v2 multiplayer.

AisulMV, a dataminer, posted screenshots of a system that allows two MultiVersus players to connect their accounts. It is the first step in inviting another player to a play.

The second image from AisulMV shows a much clearer picture of what linking accounts in MultiVersus might imply. It's a new panel reading "Battle Pass Link Request." and mentions being able to "conquer" MultiVersus' battle pass faster while sharing rewards. The first bullet point says that players can still earn quest rewards and XP when one player has a premium battle pass. The third says that

The screenshots indicate that any two MultiVersus players may share a battle pass, thus doubling their battle pass XP gain. Both players' XP rewards from completing quests will go to the same progression bar. As the players tier up, they'll both earn rewards.

Developer Player First would seem to be the main goal of adding two-player teamwork to MultiVersus. Two players can not only team up and play together, but they're also rewarded for doing so by progressing through the battle pass more quickly. Of course, earning rewards faster will encourage both MultiVersus players to play more.

This isn't a confirmed feature for MultiVersus; it's a leak of a feature that Player First may have considered at one time in time. Player First may have chosen a different route, such as MultiVersus' current XP and gold boost for playing in a team. MultiVersus is well-known and 2v2 has proven successful, and players may want to know more about MultiVersus' battle pass.

MultiVersus is now available in an open beta for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.