Pokemon That Everyone Has Gave Up On Too Soon

Pokemon That Everyone Has Gave Up On Too Soon ...

Pokemon is as popular as it has ever been, and the series is set to release its ninth generation of mainline games in late 2022. Along with that, there are more than a handful of creatures that some trainers would never forget.

If there is one thing the Pokemon anime wants to teach viewers, it's that all Pokemon are valuable, and that their value isn't just dependent on how effective they are in battle. Sometimes, investing in a Pokemon, regardless of how weak they may appear, can pay huge dividends later on for anyone who is patient and kind enough.

8 Larvesta

Larvesta's Bug and Fire typings may seem like a good idea for beginners, but the necessity for it to reach level 59 to be useful quickly dispenses this interest. One might wonder why it would be worthwhile, and there are several reasons.

Volcarona is a solid design on its own, and it has a superior attack that ranks S-Tier compared to the rest of the Pokemon roster. Also, it has the ability Flame Body, which is a must-have for anyone looking to breed Pokemon. The ability drastically reduces the time needed to hatch eggs, making the whole operation much more efficient.

7 Chespin

Pokemon X and Y are generally regarded as the weak sheep of the Pokemon series due to the sixth generation being often regarded as a weak point for mainline Pokemon games. Despite these beliefs the fandom has in hindsight, the Kalos region still has some amazing new Pokemon.

Greninja, the Water-type starter in the Kalos region, is the only one with any real popularity or notoriety; most people forget it.

6 Raichu

Raichu's peculiarity is that very few Pokemon evolutionary lines are given up on. This is because to the anime that saw its main character Ash Ketchum refuse to develop his Pikachu with a Thunder Stone.

Despite Raichu being more powerful and having better stats across the board, having a leveled-up Pikachu was simply preferable. Even Alolan Raichu has a tough time getting used in battle as the Pikachu anti-evolution mindset persists over 20 years later.

5 Farfetch'd

The reason why people gave up on Farfetch'd is twofold, and each explanation is backed by more than two decades of research. The first is that when Pokemon Red & Blue were first released, this Normal-type bird had no evolutionary line and had a rather weird design. The second is that when Pokemon Sword & Shield were released, they came with a regional version of Farfetch'd that allowed the bird to mature.

When it was revealed that trainers must land three critical hits in one single fight with it, anyone with an interest in Farfetch'd quickly realized how difficult it was to translate it into a Sirfetch'd. This feat is certainly not impossible, but for the average player, it seemed like too much effort for what they perceived as a suboptimal outcome.

4 Caterpie/Weedle

Both Caterpie and Weedle were most often used to farm encounter in the Viridian Forest as trainers either prepared for the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock or were attempting to encounter a rare wild Pikachu.

The majority of people caught these things and packed them away in their boxes. Little did they realize that Caterpie evolved into a Butterfree who used it to fill out the Pokedex. Weedle, on the other hand, evolved into a terrifying Beedrill that could stand out in battle in the early to middle sections.

3 Feebas

Feebas functions in many ways as the poor person's Magikarp. It also happens to evolve into a powerful final form, although it requires either to be traded while holding a Prism Scale, or to be leveled up to maximum Beauty.

Milotic is a feminine cousin to Gyarados in many ways, since it is also a large sea serpent that is the final form of a rather uninteresting and uninteresting fish. Feebas is a great investment, but this does not mean that it is a waste of time.

2 Shelgon

Patience is a skill not everyone has, and though Salamence was arguably the coolest-looking Pokemon in the third generation of Pokemon games, it wasn't easy to acquire. Trainers had to level up a caught Bagon to level 30, but that was only the beginning.

Those same people would then have to take that armored middle form and level it twenty more times up to level 50 in order to obtain the blue and red dragon of their dreams. Sometimes people just don't have the patience, no matter what they'll encounter on the other end.

1 Magikarp

The Pokemon that stands out among all others as the prime example of a creature that people gave up too soon can be found in the Kanto area. This Pokemon only knows the non-damaging move Splash.

The surprise of its final form was presented to anyone who either used an Experience Share or simply decided to try the switch-out method. Gyarados, a massive Water and Flying-type was the reward for anyone who just didn't give up on poor old Magikarp.