So Far, Every Piece of Starfield Concept Art Has Been Revealed

So Far, Every Piece of Starfield Concept Art Has Been Revealed ...

Starfield's 2023 release date is getting closer, with fans' anticipation growing with every day. The game was initially touted as the first new Bethesda Game Studios IP in 25 years, and it was hailed by director Todd Howard as Skyrim in space. E3 2018 and 2021 both revealed details about atmospheric effects and an astronaut preparing their spaceship.

The footage shown in June 2022 reinforced Howard's ideas for the game and provided fans with valuable information on what to expect and do, but concept art for the game has been released slowly throughout the years. From E3 2021, the tenth anniversary of Skyrim, to YouTube videos, and through Twitter, Bethesda has provided a rich collection of art that fleshs out the layered world of Starfield.

Starfield is Grounded in Realism

Howard has been adamant that Starfield should preserve the natural evolution of our present-day technologies, systems, lives, and even apparel. This decision was made in order to create a sense of real-time progression and immerse players fully into what actual space travel will most likely look like in the future.

Howard and his team could eliminate fancy and exotic equipment and construct models that would resemble real humans and colonists of this future. This brings to mind certain scenes from the first Alien film, where the actors on the Nostromo were blue-collar workers on a commercial hauler hauling ore and other refineries.

Colorful, Exotic, and Empty Worlds

Starfield hasn't revealed if there is any intelligent alien life within the game's universe, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of planets to explore. At Summer Game Fest, Howard revealed that players would be able to visit hundreds of star systems around the Settled Systems, with over 1000 planets ripe for exploration.

Some planets have a wide range of activity, urbanization, and locations, from vibrant, icy worlds found within the Goldilocks Zone of habitable planets.

Moreover, these worlds are bursting with potential resources and alien wildlife. Howard has stressed that exploration is at the core of the game, and players are given numerous locations to do just that. The possibilities that these alien worlds will hold, their significance to the wider narrative, and their interconnection with the broad themes of humanity present among the stars, leave much to the imagination.

Story, Gameplay, and Setting of Starfield

The story and setting of Starfield have taken shape as members of the Constellation, a scientific expedition that continues to seek for answers to the Milky Way's questions. As the player progresses, they will reach the Settled Systems, where a Cold War status exists between two powerful entities, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective.

Howard has stressed that player choice is critical to the game, and that players should expect various outcomes as a result of their actions throughout the game. The concept art combined with gameplay footage broadens the possibilities, allowing players to build on planets, conquer outposts, and work in ship hangars.

The gameplay has mirrored the concept art already released, showing characters in thick-fitted suits similar to present-day astronauts. Howard wanted to convey a "NASA-punk" vibe, and they are certain to immerse players in the Starfield universe. Weaponry, stations, robotics, and food all feel completely conceptualized, organic, and natural.

Starfield Concept Art

Starfield is a game that is grounded in realism, and that level of detail will give fans, players, and space exploration enthusiasts a complete sense of immersion. With habitable planets, colorful and vibrant jungles, swamps, deserts, snow-covered caps, caverns, and unknown alien wildlife, players will not want for things to do. Engaging in political or mercenary factions will allow players to craft unique endings suitable to their choices and actions.

Starfield will be released for PC and Xbox Series X/S in 2023.