What To Do In Your First Week - Day By Day in Stardew Valley

What To Do In Your First Week - Day By Day in Stardew Valley ...

New players can expect Stardew Valley to be an incredible experience. Along with figuring out their character and choosing which farm to go with, players must also sort out all the different controls as well. There are a few crucial tasks players can complete in their first week of Stardew Valley that will set them up for success.

The first week in Stardew Valley is when players meet all of Pelican Town's residents, clear out a portion of their farm, and begin their journey in the mines. However, there are certain events that can only happen at a certain time. This article will assist you in maximizing your first week in Stardew Valley.

What to do on Day 1 of Stardew Valley?

The first day in the game is a Monday, and players begin life in Stardew Valley in their bed. The first thing to do is to gather the seeds inside the farmhouse, then venture outside to clear a space to plant them. A player's first aim should be to cut down enough wood to construct a chest (50 wood) and plant their very first crops.

After work on the farm is complete, players should go into town and begin their meet-and-greet with the residents of Stardew Valley. This should lead them to Pierre's General Store where they should purchase themselves some more seeds to plant. On a limited budget, Parsnips are a great way to boost farming and make a decent profit.

Players should continue to hunt down people as well as forage the Mountain area, the Beach, and the Cidersnap Forest. As the first day comes to a close, plant the remaining seeds and water them.

What to do on Day 2 of Stardew Valley?

The second day in Stardew Valley should be spent less on the farm but more on the Pelican Town. After watering the crops that were planted yesterday, players may go to the Beach and meet Willy for the first time. This cutscene will give players their first fishing rod and open up a new revenue stream. After meeting Willy, players should complete their introduction to the 27 major characters and give 100 gold to any of them.

Pierre from Stardew Valley's General Store is closed on Day 3 and so players should spend the amount they have earned thus far on purchasing more seeds if they want to earn more gold. Along with that, players should continue to hunt for forage or fish in the town and surrounding areas.

Players should take the time to go to the Cidersnap Forest and look for Spring Onions near the sewer pipe. These aren't very expensive, but they can provide some extra energy in a pinch.

What to do on Day 3 of Stardew Valley?

Today is the day to improve foraging and fishing, as it always rains on the third day, and players do not waste any energy watering crops. All villagers have been met and their crops have been watered, and it's time to do the latter. They should fish right in front of Willy's fish shop, then sell what they've caught and begin the process again.

What to do on Day 4 of Stardew Valley?

Players may invest in some of Stardew Valley's finest spring crops, plant them, and water them. Unfortunately, the more seeds they plant, the more energy they consume. It is because of this delicate equilibrium that players should keep their treasures safe.

Nothing new will be revealed on this day, so players may continue to focus on improving their fishing, foraging, and farming abilities as much as possible. Players should make sure they get up before midnight in order to recuperate as much as possible.

What to do on Day 5 of Stardew Valley?

On Day 5, Stardew Valley's pet arrives, the local mines open up, and the first event at the Community Center can be triggered. Once players open their door, Stardew Valley's rancher Marnie will greet them with the animal they chose during their playthrough. After this cutscene, they can check the mailbox to discover that JojaMart has removed the landslide that had been blocking the mines.

To accomplish all of this, players should first harvest all of the crops they planted on the first day, sell them to Pierre, and buy more seeds. Before they may do this, players will need to trigger the Community Center cutscene and be given the Rat Problem quest.

After completing this, players should go into the mines and meet with Marlon. That character will give them their first sword, and players should dedicate some time and energy to the first few levels of the mines.

The first time, players should see the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley, which will trigger an event the next day.

What to do on Day 6 of Stardew Valley?

Clint, a blacksmith at Stardew Valley, should appear on the player's front steps and awkwardly introduce himself. By this point, players should have completed Farming level 1 and should be able to craft a scarecrow to protect their growing farm from birds. Fortunately, this day is much less stressful than the previous one, and players may focus on improving their fishing, farming, foraging, or mining skills.

Skills/Levels Level 1 recipes Level 2 recipes Level 3 recipes
Farming Scarecrow, Basic Fertilizer Mayonnaise Machine, Stone Fence, Sprinkler Bee House, Speed-Gro, Farmer's Lunch
Foraging Wild Seeds, Field Snack Survival Burger Tapper
Fishing Casting distance increased Bait Crab Pot, Dish O' The Sea
Mining Cherry Bomb Staircase Miner's Treat

Players can improve their knowledge of farming techniques (e.g. the hoe and the watering can are tied to farming) and thus reduce their energy consumption. If players are able to activate the Community Center, they should receive a letter from Stardew Valley's local Wizard, which should be returned on this day.

What to do on Day 7 of Stardew Valley?

The last day of this first week in Stardew Valley starts with the first episode of the Queen of Sauce on the TV. After watching this program, players should water their crops and may choose to go back to the Traveling Cart. Other than that, players should aim to complete the easier quests.

Initiation (kill ten slimes and visit the Adventurer's Guild), Forging Ahead (craft a furnace), and Smelting (smell a copper bar) are three of the most important tasks a player can undertake in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.