Ellies' Birthday Flashback is shared by a fan of The Last of Us 2

Ellies' Birthday Flashback is shared by a fan of The Last of Us 2 ...

It is difficult to imagine The Last of Us 2 becoming as popular as it became. Thankfully, the flashback to Ellies' birthday is a moment even the biggest The Last of Us 2 detractors appreciate, and one artist has gone on to commemorate the scene.

Joels role in The Last of Us 2 is considerably less extensive than it was in the original game, but players do get to spend some time with Ellies' father figure through flashbacks. Though these scenes include a memorable battle with a bloater and an important moment where Ellie discovers what happened in the Firefly Hospital, many hold the birthday flashback to be the best of the bunch.

Zealousideal_Tone_29, a Reddit user, created a stunning pencil drawing based on this moment. While there are many more that the artist could have chosen, such as Ellie pushing Joel into the water or the pair placing hats on some fossilized dinosaurs, the choice to focus on astronaut Ellie makes perfect sense. Joel's participation in her desire to be an astronaut was touching.

Joel can be seen smiling as he looks at Ellie, with Ellie closing her eyes and imagining that she is in outer space. It was certainly not an easy task to achieve this level of detail in this work.

Many said this was their favorite moment from the game. Perhaps fans will be able to replay this moment in live action due to the superb sequence in the games.

Joel's gift to Ellie will always be regarded as one of the series' greatest scenes.

The Last of Us 2 is now available on PS4.