CLG make quick work of C9 and secure a spot in the LCS Championship for themselves and Liquid

CLG make quick work of C9 and secure a spot in the LCS Championship for themselves and Liquid ...

CLG surprised players and fans alike at the start of the 2022 Summer Split by gaining hold of the first-place position for a while. Now, after weeks of ups and downs, they are on their way to the LCS Championship.

CLG maintained a solid early-game lead over Cloud9 until the end of their match-up, denying their opponents even a small chance to retaliate. This victory puts them in third place between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, but more importantly guarantees their spot in the LCS Championship as well as Liquids.


Contractz made a quick impact on the map by securing himself five early kills, completely removing Blaber's influence from the game. Each time Blaber ventured to an objective, he was met by Contractzs Wukong lying in wait with other members of CLG.

CLG's strategy remained the same throughout the game as they patiently waited for their opponents to stumble. While usually a major contributor in C9s' success, Blaber fell exponentially behind Contractz because of this early game lead. Without much gold for himself, he was unable to successfully assist his laners get ahead without coordination that would allow CLG to respond elsewhere.

Fudge got caught in his opponents' waiting strategy, catching him as he face-checked a brush to bring not just another Baron, but a second Hextech Soul into CLGs hands. As their opponents tore open their base, they advanced to third place in the Summer Split.

Contractz' near-uncontested jungle control within the first ten minutes of the game, accompanied by five free kills, gave the teamfighting C9s the sole possibility to maintain their lead in the LCS Championship. The team that started the Summer Split 3-0, continues their on-and-off victories that have allowed them to climb to the top of the LCS standings, and they will now look towards the last week of the Summer Split for their playoff spot.

Even after CLG dragged them out to a second Baron and Dragon Soul, C9 appeared to be completely overwhelmed by this early game deficit. This defeat puts a lot of emphasis on what the team can achieve if they lose an early game skid.

The final week of the 2022 LCS Summer Split will be a great week, beginning on Friday and lasting until Sunday.