MultiVersus may have a lot of fun with Rick and Morty content

MultiVersus may have a lot of fun with Rick and Morty content ...

MultiVersus is off to a good start, with many people enjoying the games' current lineup of content. Recently, a Cromulons stage based on Rick and Morty was added, allowing players to fight below the show me what you got heads as they listen to remixed versions of Get Schwifty and the shows theme song. In Season 1, players will also be able to get playable versions of Rick and Morty, with a former Pickle Rick skin being leaked online.

While this is a decent amount of content for one franchise, more can be done with the Rick and Morty IP. The series has grown to be incredibly popular over its five seasons, and with Season 6 on the way, doubling down on fan fare might be the ideal. From skins and stages to knockout effects and new fighters, the sky is the limit for new MultiVersus updates centered around the adult cartoon.

Multiversus Additions that Will Include Rick and Morty

Player First Games has some clear opportunities with its two characters. For Morty, an Evil Morty outfit seems like a no-brainer, as it would be as simple as adding an eye patch to the default character model. Toxic Rick and Morty might also be interesting to include as well.

Rick and Morty emotes are even more difficult to theorize about, as there are plenty of gags from the show that might be integrated into the game via the taunts. Morty could sing the Rick Dance, and Rick could invoke the Rick Dance, an emote that was already seen when Fortnite added Rick and Morty content. Snake Jazz, Morty's Mind Blowers, and Interdimensional Cable could all be included in emotes for both characters.

Player First Games wants to keep adding more players to its roster. Bird Person might be a great move set, especially if Tom and Jerry are included. Jerry Smith might also be a hilarious addition to the lineup, as he is either making mistakes when using Rick's weapons or bumping into his foes in the process.

The Cromulons stage is one of the best MultiVersus stages, but it isn't the only area where the show should be played. The Citadel of Ricks sounds like a great option for a stage, with a version of the Evil Morty theme serving as a highlight.

With so many options, multiVersus content based on Rick and Morty might be added for years to come, both cosmetic and gameplay.

MultiVersus is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X in an open beta.