Seattle Surge defeats OpTic Texas and advances to the playoffs of the 2022 CDL playoffs for the losers bracket

Seattle Surge defeats OpTic Texas and advances to the playoffs of the 2022 CDL playoffs for the lose ...

The Seattle Surge will advance to the 2022 Call of Duty League Playoffs. They beat OpTic Texas in a 3-1 effort tonight, taking them one victory short of the CDL Championship grand finals.

This was the third series in a row for the Surge starting off with the map, and their superstar SMG player, Pred, made huge plays in the previous two games. However, Seattle were thorough in their 250-140 victory over Texas. Accuracy and Sib, who led the way in slaying, posted 1.47 and 1.50 K/Ds.

OpTic got back into shape in their second map, Bocage Search and Destroy, which resulted in a 6-2 victory to tie the match at one map.

The Surge were awarded the defensive side of the map in the final round of the Tuscan Control, defeating OpTic on the less-favored attacking side. Dashy found Sib in the B point, giving OpTic the advantage, but Pred re-challenged and found both OpTic players in one of the most unlikely plays of the tournament.

SEATTLE@Pred_RNG holds up in a 1v2 after OpTic stack in front of each other #DrownThemOut | #BrickByBrick | #CDLChamps

OpTic were one map away from their season ending and they were headed to one of their less favorable map selections in Berlin Hardpoint. Things began well for Texas, with the Surge holding an 80+ point lead early in the game. But then the Surge started to win gunfight after gunfight to come back. They defeated Texas 143-30 to put the seal on the OpTics' season.

This match was a microcosm for the Green Wall in 2022. They started the season extremely well, winning the season's first major in March. But they fell short throughout the stretch due to minor errors. And those minor mistakes continued to bite the team at the end of this match and their season.

@SeattleSurge turn Hardpoint on its head and eliminate OpTic in the losers semi-finals! #DrownThemOut | #CDLChamps

Sib and Pred, two of the best rookies in the league, are playing like two of the best players in the world. The first-year duo led their team in slaying yet another opponent, and have a chance to be the first rookies to win the CDL Championship since Shotzzy and iLLeY won with the Dallas Empire in 2020.

Seattle will compete for a place in the grand finals of CoD Champs 2022. The winner of that match will face the Los Angeles Thieves tomorrow for a world championship at 2pm CT.