Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won Veto (Otev), week 5?

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: Who won Veto (Otev), week 5? ...

In theBig Brother 24house, who won the Power of Veto this week? We went into this competition with strange expectations. Here's how we got to know them all! Monte, Terrance, and Joseph were nominated by Head of Household Michael, but it was never intended to eliminate one of them this week. It appearedly was instead to go after Daniel.

Do we believe that Michael is 100% convinced on that personally? No, but he may not have another choice all things considered. He just isnt in a position where a lot of other options are entirely clear. If he makes a too big a move this week, he might lose trust from the Leftovers and he won't be able to be HoH next week.

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Daniel's problem was that he did not get selected for Veto this week; instead, Michael & Brittany squared off against the nominees and Turner & Jasmine. This was a way to almost guarantee that the Veto was used; we say this anticipating that Turner & Jasmine would not come close to snagging the Veto.

Michael and Brittany won! This is Michael's fourth Veto technically this season, and we must expect others to come for him soon with this competition resume. Brittany was injured during the competition, and a doctor is coming to see her. However, we do not believe it is anything too serious.

Michael now has exactly what he wanted from the Veto: options to choose whatever he wants. That's a nice feature to have at this point, right?

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