In a Season One video, MultiVersus teases Arcade mode, ranked play, and new cosmetics

In a Season One video, MultiVersus teases Arcade mode, ranked play, and new cosmetics ...

MultiVersus, a Warner Bros. crossover platform fighter, released a season one video on Twitter, revealing a number of new features that will be added soon to the game. Other content included arcade and ranked game modes, new characters, and a slew of cosmetic improvements.

MultiVersus has quickly developed a loyal following and had one of the most successful releases in fighting game history. Currently only offering a small glimpse into the game's future content, Warner Bros. gave players the first look at what season one will bring.

MVPs, keep an eye on this season 1 snapshot! Stay tuned for a formal Season 1 announcement date, coming very soon. #MultiVersus #Evo2022

Season one will include two new game modes for players: first, ranked, which will remain locked for the entire beta, allowing players to finally ace in skill-based matchmaking. Second, MultiVersus will introduce a new mode called Classic Arcade, although it is currently unclear what this new mode will encompass.

Season one of the platform fighters promises new weapons in the form of player icons, banners, and costume variations. Notably, the variants snapshot includes alternate costumes for LeBron James and Bugs Bunny.

The platform fighters screenshot also included the known Rick and Morty games as separate playable characters. With many of those characters already leaked, players can expect more characters to be released throughout the first season of MultiVersus.

Season one of MultiVersus has been postponed due to a lack of a confirmed start date. Fans may have to wait a while before seeing anything from the fast-growing games from the first season.