Season 2 Episode 10 of P-Valley (finale) spoilers: New beginnings?

Season 2 Episode 10 of P-Valley (finale) spoilers: New beginnings? ...

One thought enters our heads as we prepare for the premiere of P-Valley Season 2 on Starz next weekend: How will the story conclude? Mississippi Rule has the task of not only tying everything together that we have seen thus far, but also setting the stage for a season 3, although we remain hopeful.

We like to see characters like Mercedes and Keyshawn find some peace, yet is that not too much to ask for? Prepare for some fireworks; and don't be surprised if there is some sort of cliffhanger or teaser for what comes next.

Here is what the P-Valleyseason 2 episode 10 summary has to say about what's ahead:

Good luck with your big adventure. In Chucalissa, there are many new beginnings and endings.

It's true that this gives away a lot of information, and it's frustrating for that reason. However, the thought of fresh beginnings gives us an idea of what the future might hold. Maybe it won't be some massive big-time cliffhanger that leaves your jaw on the floor, but it might at least get your wheels turning. That's enough sometimes! As long as we get a jam-packed story that addresses at least a lot of the big threads from season 2, we'll be happy when

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