All Tank Heroes, Ranked from Overwatch

All Tank Heroes, Ranked from Overwatch ...

In Activision-Blizzard's MOBA-tinged FPS Overwatch, there are a slew of completely different heroes to play around with. Indeed, most of the enjoyment of the game is trying out a brand new hero and playing around with their unique abilities and skills.

The tank role can be a game changer for players who know what they're doing. A good tank can make an impact on the game's pace and outcome, mostly due to their ability to dodge attacks.

Heroes have been sorted by recent win percentages across all skill levels. Some work better at lower levels and some work better for the pros, but all are viable depending on the team composition.

Hodey Johns' Overwatch list was last updated on August 9th, 2022. Overwatch has made many changes. Patches have played a major role in this, as have several new characters who have abilities that are powerful against some of these tanks and weak against others.

11 Winston

Winston is the only tank hero to have a lower win rate than Winston, and it's easy to see why. Most tanks are responsible for defending their teammates. Winston does have a shield that protects large groups, but it's limited to those around him.

And therein lies the problem: for Winston to do anything, he must be in melee combat, thus his protection is limited to melee targets. Lastly, his avoidance of combat makes him difficult to heal. The next game will require a different kind of support hero if Winston is to remain even remotely relevant.

10 Orisa

Orisa was at the undisputed top of the charts when this list was first released. That happens with new heroes. Now, she's one of only two tank heroes with a negative win rate. What happened that propel her from the top of the leaderboards to making blunders?

Patches' shield amount has been reduced, and the range of her Halt! bubble has been reduced to almost nothing, removing two things that made her so special. Now, she's not even that much fun to play. Even Winston can be a good time.

9 Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball's and above tanks will establish winning records in the future. Players may be tempted to wonder why this tiny hamster, inspired by real-life hamster cosplays of Wrecking Ball, has so much more success than his counterpart.

Wrecking Ball is capable of smacking opponents off the ball and into danger, as well as being unquestionably the game's fastest hero. So if players need to get on the ball quickly and avoid a walloping, Wrecking Ball can get there quickly and secure the area.

8 Roadhog

Despite some flaws since Roadhog's inception, he remains a viable option on every level. He does not have a shield and "tanks" by absorbing damage that he can heal. This is unfortunate, because his core mechanic is all he needs to defeat most DPS and support classes.

Roadhog will get a freebie headshot and his teammates will immediately recognize the hook and join in on the damage. If they aren't killed outright, they'll still have to go back to safety.

7 D.Va

D.Va has been all over the place on this list and has gone through more overhauls and adjustments than any other tank. Thankfully, she has reached an acceptable "average" level after all. Ultimates are tough to time and take a while to charge up, but they can easily win games alone.

D.Va is a dive tanker who lacks the ability to protect the majority of her crew, but she also has an additional life when her mech is destroyed, extending her longevity. She can also slap enemies off of ledges or into harm's way. As long as Mei doesn't sacrifice her, she's fine.

6 Sigma

Sigma's greatest strength is a fairly broad shield that can be cast and recast immediately. Unlike many tanks that place a shield and wait for a cooldown, Sigma only experiences a cooldown when that shield is destroyed.

Sigma's self-heal works by absorbing damage (including many ultimates) and converting the damage to a shield. His regular attacks are also capable of burst out of walls and burst in a radius, and he's got some ability on the DPS charts as well.

5 Zarya




Zarya is incredible powerful to fight at pro levels. She will protect her allies at critical moments and prevent all damage. She can also protect herself, and this move is on a separate cooldown. In a few seconds, she can become the most dangerous damage dealer on the field.

Not just among tanks, but among all classes, she is likely to have the greatest end ability in the game. Teams wait for it to charge, then use it to gather groups and kill them en masse. She's often selected in professional groups that only need one moment to win.

1 Reinhardt

The guy with the big shield has endured a long road. Reinhardt has always been one of the most successful players in the game, at least at the top, but he finishes the original Overwatch as the game's winning tank hero.

The ability to shield allies while moving is evident. His charge provides him speed, a quick-death maneuver, and a concealed strategy to rescue his healer. Oh, and the one that stuns everyone in a huge cone, that's just the cherry on the cherry.

Overwatch is now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.