Watchmen Content Could Be Coming Soon, According to MultiVersus Datamine

Watchmen Content Could Be Coming Soon, According to MultiVersus Datamine ...

MultiVersus is the ultimate Warner Bros. crossover, and it appears as if Watchmen is the next title to get ahold of.

MultiVersus, a free-to-play platform game, has been making waves since it was released last month in an open beta. Already, the game is reporting record player counts, and the recent $100,000 MultiVersus tournament at EVO likely brought even more attention to the game.

Many gamers want to know who's going to succeed in the fighting game? The fighting game already has a large roster of Warner Bros. employees, but gamers are eager for more.

A new leak suggests that DCs Watchman might be the next IP to join MultiVersus.

And it's not just Watchmen that might be on the way either. Here are all of the upcoming, leaked, and datamined characters coming to MultiVersus!

Watchmen was a limited series comic book that was first published in 1986, with a film adaptation due later in 2009 and a TV series scheduled to premiere in 2019.

The critically-acclaimed publication depicts a time when superheroes began functioning in the 1940s, changing the course of history. Its seen as a gritty satire of the superhero concept and its iconic story is still worth a read to this day.

Now, DC has integrated the IP into its comic book universe, with the series characters running into Batman, Superman, and other well-known heroes.

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Is Watchmen Coming to MultiVersus?

According to a new datamine, Watchmen content may be added to MultiVersus in the future. While whether or not we may acquire a fictional character from the franchise remains to be seen.

InTheShadeMV, a MultiVersus leaker on Twitter, claims that there is currently a Watchmen-themed ringout in the game files.

The unique ringout is currently known as Watchmen Explosion, and there isn't a preview yet. Regardless, it is notable that this appears to be the first time a series has appeared solely as a cosmetic effect, without involving a fighter.

Is it possible that a Watchmen character, such as Rorschach or Doctor Manhattan, would be included in MultiVersus? Were we to wish them were included, not necessarily.

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After all, Watchmen does technically fall under the DC umbrella, like several other characters in the games roster. Perhaps thats a sufficient reason to include the IP in a simple ringout animation.

And, of course, it's also possible that Player First Games will include Warner Bros. franchises in other ringouts, banners, and other cosmetics without including a representative in the roster. Only time will tell!

Don't forget to see the entire MultiVersus Season 1 roadmap, which will reveal what's coming later this month.

A Watchmen character might be coming to Multiversus!An unreleased ringout has been named "Watchmen Explosion," and there are currently no fighters on the roster with a direct connection to the Watchmen.

Another datamine reveals that an iconic Teen Titan already has all of their voice lines in the game. It appears certain that theyll be the next contenders for the title after Rick and Morty!