This Dark Souls Sif and Artorias fan art allows you to feel the company

This Dark Souls Sif and Artorias fan art allows you to feel the company ...

Dark Souls is a genre-defining game as well as a generation-defining game, so it's surprising that it's had such a significant impact on millions of gamers across the world. It's also no surprise that some who visit the land of Lordran are enthused by its beauty and the beings within.

It's what leads to content such as this Redditor Totostore's Dark Souls Sif and Artorias fan art that perfectly depicts the two iconic characters' bonds of friendship. The fine blackline art and exquisite colouring make the image pop, making it a truly outstanding piece.

Sif and Artorias are two essential characters in Dark Souls, and their stories are heavily intertwined as the great wolf is the legendary warrior's companion. Thus Sif watches her master's grave, determined to protect it from anyone, even the chosen undead who helped her escape Manus lair.

Where can I find fan art for Dark Souls Sif and Artorias?

The finished product may be seen below, though we encourage you to check out the official Reddit thread too.

From darksouls, Sif and Artorias the Abysswalker are

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