Splatoon Reddits' predictions give an idea for the next Nintendo Direct

Splatoon Reddits' predictions give an idea for the next Nintendo Direct ...

Splatoon 3 is right around the corner, with a Splatoon 3 Direct on the way to unveil all of the new gameplay content. There's bound to be a lot of new information about different game modes, weapons, and more.

With a recent post from the wonderfully named I-Am-The-Yeeter, the community has been considering other Splatoon games. They hope for new ranked modes, weapons, gear, and music choices, and it led a bunch of other people to offer their thoughts and desires.

I-Am-The-Yeeter wants to create a new ranked mode similar to the Rainmaker mode, except with the 8-ball from the Octo Expansion single-player expansion. The goal would be to move the ball to the opponent's goal, just as carrying the Rainmaker to the opponents pedestal.

They are hoping to keep eyewear separate from other headgear, making it a no-brainer to customize it. This, as well as their desire for more music options similar to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, might be nice additions to an already great series.

With options like this, another user, SirBenny, came up with the idea of a new casual mode where you could randomly spawn with a new weapon every time you get splattered, or something similar, at least. Splatoon 3 may be even more playful than it is already with modes like this, giving less experienced players more hours of fun.

User Ciwwus wants to add a ranked mode for more casual players, which would prevent them from getting involved in the more competitive aspects of things.

The Splatoon Reddit seems to be screwing their heads on, offering up some fantastic suggestions to improve the series. Check out our Splatoon 3 soundtrack feature to hear one writer gloat about the games music for a little too long (surprise! The writer is me).