How to play Tower of Fantasy co-op with pals online

How to play Tower of Fantasy co-op with pals online ...

Playing games by yourself isnt always fun, especially when you're playing a game as big as Tower of Fantasy that has a lot to explore and complete with others by your side.

It's a good thing that there's a way to play with friends in the game, even if it's not explicitly indicated from the start. However, newcomers may find it difficult to locate the appropriate menus or things needed to access it.

Therefore, here's how you can play multiplayer with friends online in Tower of Fantasy so that you can dive into each others' world and face the avering bosses.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you play online with friends?

2. Go to the friends list and select the person you want to play with. Double click on the characters' faces to open up a separate menu.

3. Select the Team Invitations option, then click the Add to My Team link.

If you are already on a Team, you may click one of the empty plus icons and choose the friend you want to join from there.

4. Once all of the friends you want to play with have joined, click the Start button to begin the session. Just remember to set an objective, among anything else the system asks you to do, beforehand.

If you know their character name, you may add players to your team that you have come across in the world or randoms.