In Tower of Fantasy, how do you save money?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you save money? ...

Players who have never played before, such as Tower of Fantasy, may be a bit clueless when it comes to how to save money in the game.

A save function isn't found in the menus or options, which may deter some people from leaving the game at any time due to fear of losing their progress. Don't panic, though, because the game does have a save function.

Where to save in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is an always-online game that requires a login, similar to games like Genshin Impact. It does not have a save function, and it saves while you are playing automatically. That doesn't mean you should exit the game whenever or by force.

Don't worry about losing progress because the game will always be saving as you play, or if the game crashes unexpectedly. However, if you want to save and quit, we strongly recommend that players do so in a safe area, not in any fights or around hostile areas.

The reason for this autosave feature is obvious: companies don't want players to be able to spend a lot of money on gacha pulls to not get what they wanted, then reset their data before they opened the packs. With autosave, players will be forced to rely entirely on RNG to get what they want, and, in turn, spend more money.

Autosave will prevent you from reloading certain tasks as you play the game, and will also prevent you from making any errors or attempting to do everything over again.