Where can I find Relic A-03 in Tower of Fantasy?

Where can I find Relic A-03 in Tower of Fantasy? ...

As you progress through Tower of Fantasy, you will eventually unlock a series of chapters that outline tasks you must complete across its enormous map to unlock a new character by the end.

One of the first missions that the game will throw at you is quite simple. Youll have to clear Relic A-03, which on paper is quite bad. Ruins are basically game-style mini solo raids that players can tackle at their leisure.

It's a single object, but where do you find it? It's one of dozens after all. That's all we have to tell you.

Clear Relic A-03 location

Because of the game's mechanics, Relic A-03's location is simple to locate. Unlike games like Genshin Impact, the location of most places on the map is quite straightforward to locate as long as you know where to look.

The Astra island is located in the northwest section, which is where you will start your adventure. When viewing the map from afar, you can actually see the icon where it is located, so you just need to go over there.

Be sure to stock up on decent weapons and level them up in order to get access to the Relic. You must be level 18 to be able to take it on, so be sure to complete missions first before heading over there.

This is also one of the last missions you will likely complete during chapter two, which means as soon as you complete the Relic and receive your rewards, youll be able to move on to the next stage of your development.