How to Use 100 Total Vitality in Tower of Fantasy

How to Use 100 Total Vitality in Tower of Fantasy ...

Tower of Fantasy does a disjointed job of educating players on what they should do in order to complete its Wanderers Log missions. A lot of them in chapter two are intended to introduce players to larger sections of the game without explaining how to accomplish them.

One of them is the mission Spend 100 Total Vitality, which on paper raises a lot more questions than answers. What is Vitality, where can you find it, and how do you spend it?

Even though we were initially confused, we only discovered it by accident after looking through most of the menus. So, to spare you the agony we went through, here is more information on Vitality and what you can do with it.

What is Vitality and where can you find it?

Vitality is a game that does not define what it is and where to find it, but it is used to perform tasks that require you to connect with other players, or take part in special missions on your own, to fulfill rewards objectives.

These missions may be found under the Adventure tab, which becomes accessible gradually while you play the game. It'll be at the top right of your screen as a pair of swords icon.

From there, select the Select menu, which will take you through a variety of different missions. Vitality points can be seen in the top right to finish, and you may purchase items to refill your Vitality gauge faster with real-world currency.

Think of it as Resin from Genshin Impact.